Friday, October 21, 2011

Foodie Friday: Birthday Cake

Things have been a little bit busy around here - who knew that life would be busier post wedding?!

A weeks ago, we celebrated Brian's birthday and of course I made him a cake.  A few years ago, I started a tradition of making a cake for Brian's birthday.  That first year was a complete disaster and I messed up the ingredients so badly that the cake was not even edible.  It was my first attempt at homemade cake and a homemade red velvet cake at that!  Well, I learned my lesson and now upon request from Brian, I make his cake using a mix from a box.  Someday I will master the art of homemade cake baking!

So here it is - the beautiful birthday (from a mix) cake!  I used the last of our wedding candy (from the candy buffet) to decorate his cake.  It was quite delicious!

This weekend is going to be busy - Joan Benoit is in town to speak to my running club and run in the National XC Race here on Saturday! Can't Wait!!

Happy Friday! 


Rebecca said...

That is definitely a nice-looking cake! Good work, Jo.

I am SO EXCITED about this weekend! I still have no idea how coach and the board got Joan to come here. But it should be fun!

misszippy said...

I am impressed! I couldn't even attempt to make something like that.

Enjoy Joanie's talk...she's the best!

Allison said...

Nice cake! And a great way to include the candy. :)

Have fun at the XC race!

Christine said...

mmmhhh looks so yummy!!!

Chelsea said...

That's so pretty! Who cares if it's a box mix? All the decorations make it special.

Keri said...

Great ake!

Marlene said...

You may not have mastered the art of baking from scratch, but you sure know how to decorate a fun cake. Love it!

And cake mix cakes are my FAVORITE. I always enjoy them more than even the best homemade cakes.