Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The worst time to grocery shop

It has been said before that the worst time to go shopping for food is when you're hungry.  Well, in fact I believe the worst time to go shopping is after a tough running workout.  But today it couldn't be avoided because we really needed milk.  And since I was already at the store for the milk, I decided to stock up on everything else we needed for the week.

And 45 minutes later, I left the store with 10 bags of groceries.  And I even forgot one thing on my list - canned pumpkin!  I heard it was almost out of stock in our area so I wanted to pick some up but I think I got distracted and just wanted to get home.

Tonight's running club workout was really tough.  This weekend we are hosting the National Master's XC Championship so we met at the course for practice.  As I have mentioned before, I do not like cross country but somehow my coach talked me into running in the race. 

During the workout as we were scaling hill after hill I was definitely regretting my decision but I am already signed up so there is no turning back now.  I need to just remember what my coach says - cross country training makes you stronger.

Tuesday Workout:
Continuous run on trails (with 0.25 mile jog recoveries)
800m at tempo
2x1200m at interval
1x800m at tempo
4x200m strides

We were running along and everything was going great until three of us got separated from the group on the course and got lost.  We missed a turn and ended up running about a half mile extra out of the way.  Good thing the course will be marked on Saturday! 

This workout was so much harder because it was on the trails.  Every time I thought I was going fast, I would look down at my garmin and be surprised that it showed such a slower time.  I guess that is just how it works with cross country.  I am just glad the workout is done so I can relax.

What's your hardest workout?


Rena said...

Good luck with your race! Your workout sounds awesome though. I wish I had a coach to give me workouts, so I'm forced to do hard runs.

And I've totally gone food shopping after a run and bought way too much food.

Molly said...

Good Luck with the race! I read the other day that you guys are getting a Trader Joe's....jealous!!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

It's true that shopping while hungry/post workout is tough. I often end up buying more snacky foods and things that aren't on my list. I stocked up on pumpkin this weekend at Trader Joe's. While it's spendy at $2 per can, it's worth it for the short time of year I'm in the mood to use it. I also made a second batch of that Pumpkin bread from Runner's Kitchen blog last night. Soooo good.

Christine said...

I did a trail run last weekend and loved it! I signed up for my first race. It will be interesting :)