Monday, December 12, 2011

A little peer pressure

My running buddy has been an avid cross trainer for years.  Every week, unless scheduling conflicts arise, you can find her at several cross training classes at the gym ranging from spinning class to Pilates.  Every since we started running together, she has been trying to get me to come to those classes with her.

In the past I had refused, partly because I lived on the other side of town and it wasn't convient to attend the same classes as her.  And I was afraid to go to the class at my own gym by myself.

So I continued on for months and months without much cross training.  Then with the wedding, I moved across town and became closer to the gym that my buddy attends but I still resisted attending the classes.  She did not give up on me and continued to pressure me to come to the classes.

And then I was struck with this nagging knee pain and my weekly running was cut down and I wanted a way to stay in shape.  I decided that maybe my running buddy was on to something and I should try out some of the cross training classes.

The first class I attended with her was Total Body Conditioning (TBC) and it was awesome.  Except for the next morning when I was sore EVERYWHERE, but other than that it was so much fun!

Now I am addicted and plan my weeks around these classes.  On Monday there is yoga, Wednesday there is spinning class, Thursday is TBC and Saturday is Pilates.  A very full week but after just a few weeks of attending these classes I can already tell a difference.  I am understanding how important these classes are to my running ability. 

Looking back, I wish I hadn't been afraid to attend the classes alone.  Sometimes I am just so afraid to do new things alone.  Thank goodness my running buddy kept on me and finally persuaded me to go.  Having a buddy to go to class with will definitely help me to stay with it even when the running mileage goes up!

Are you afraid to try new things alone? How much do you cross train a week?


Amber said...

I LOVE cross-training and I know that I become a better runner when I do it. When I was sprint tri training this summer my body was in such good shape and I was running injury and pain-free. As soon as I dropped the tri training and focused back on mainly half-marathon training I could feel little twinges popping up. The one thing I find with cross-training is it can be time consuming and I tend to push it off more than running. Going to classes (yoga!) has really helped with that.

I am determined to fit in more cross training with my next marathon training cycle that starts in January!

Anonymous said...

I added in a lot of cross training when recovering from an injury this summer--spinning, swimming, Bodypump, etc... now i'm back to running but can't give up the spinning classes or weights. Good for you for checking them out!

Marlene said...

It took me YEARS of going to the gym before I worked up the nerve to try some classes... and then, like you, I was hooked! I definitely miss them but I just could not justify the gym membership anymore with a treadmill at home and cycling + swimming.

Kim said...

I am happy your buddy finally got you out there! It sound like you have an awesome weekly schedule!

I do strength twice a week, but that is usually it. Sometimes I get on the bike or take another class, but not every week. I love the way strength training helps with my running though!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you found some great cross-training classes! That will be so good for your knee.

There is really not much I won't do on my own. But the thing is, it's either do thing alone, or don't do them at all! So I choose to do them alone, and I actually enjoy doing things alone!

Elizabeth said...

Those sound like wonderful classes! I'll bet your returning to running will be MUCH easier thanks to them. Awesome you have a partner in crime!

Rebecca said...

YAYYY! :-) Hehe.... so glad you've joined me for classes. I think it was constant subliminal peer pressure that did it!

Rena said...

I am afraid to try new things alone, but my curiosity gets the better of me. I had the chance to attend a MMA gym for a week last winter. I was afraid I'll be the only girl and inexperience, but the instructors were nice. And best experience ever!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Nice work! New things are hard sometimes, but it sounds like you're enjoying it. I've always been up for new exercise and don't often go to the gym or a class with friends, but it is fun to get to know new people in class. I love the Lifeforce Fitness class I go to. Great to keep those running legs uninjured!

Lisa said...

Haha! That's what good friends are for! To nag us until we finally try something they know we'll love before we even do!

Have fun!

Cindy said...

i definitely try to cross train on or off season...i find i lose so much upper body strength and it really helps me with my running.

i'm a bit chicken too when it comes to trying new things, but have gotten a lot better over the past few years! first class is always the hardest!

ihaverun said...

I needed some motivation to cross train. Thanks for the reminder that it is good for my running =)

You are awesome. That is some serious fitness plan you have going on!