Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

It's Wednesday! And time for another What I ate Wednesday hosted by Peas and Crayons!

It seems like my meals are a lot more interesting on the weekends, so here is my eats from Sunday!

Coffee and two homemade waffles

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with chips and oreos

Giada's Macaroni and Cheese and salad and brownies

I have been trying out a lot of Giada's recipes lately and some of them have turned out really well, like this macaroni and cheese.  It was the perfect Sunday night meal!

I am surprised that I made it through the day without a snack - I suppose that is what happens when you sleep in and have two big waffles! 

Are your meals different on the weekends compared to the weekdays?

Someone reminded me this morning - 70 years ago today was the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Definitely a day to be thankful for the sacrifices our soldiers in the past and present have made for our freedom.


Amber said...

Ha too funny, I did weekend eats for my WIAW post today too! I definitely eat different on the weekends and I tend to indulge a bit more!

Brittany said...

Waffle maker is next on my "must buy for the kitchen" list!

Laura said...

I don't think I eat too differently but I find it easier to be 'better' on the weekend....I think it is because there is too much boredom eating through the week at my desk.

Jessica said...

Your mac n cheese looks delicious!

MCM Mama said...

That mac n cheese looks so good! I wish my kids would even try the stuff (they only eat plain or buttered noodles, sigh).

I tend to eat a heavier dinner, but other than that, my weekends are about the same as my weekdays.

Marlene said...

My meals and snacks are usually VERY different on weekends. I have no problem eating the same foods over and over during the week, but I definitely need some variety on Saturday & Sunday.

Dinner looks AMAZING!

Elizabeth said...

Homemade waffles. Yum!!