Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And we have snow

On the first day of 2012, my in-laws came to visit me and brought loads of cookies and bread - talk about carb overload.  This is all that is left after I ate more than my share of cookies and took even more into work with me.

One the second day of 2012, I had to go back to work when most people still had off - I enjoyed the less crowded roads as I drove home.

One the third day of 2012, it snowed! And the temperatures dropped to freezing levels so I went to the gym and battled for a treadmill to run a few tempo miles.  I really hope I can limit my time on the treadmill this winter because today was just not fun.


This year has started off pretty well and I hope it continues.  I didn't make any resolutions last year - I just wanted to train smart and stay injury free. Well that almost worked and so for 2012 I am going to try again.

I want to stay injury free for 2012. 

And I hope I am on the right track because I am feeling better and stronger thanks to ART and my cross training at the gym.  I can now do lunges properly and I can ever run 10 miles again.  It seems like everything is coming together for another great year!

Now all I have to do is plan out my race schedule for the year...I think I'll focus on spring first and then work from there.


christina said...

5 degrees... yuck! I was complaining about the 25 degrees here. Last winter I was training for my first marathon and the COLD outside winter runs was so not fun!


Angie said...

Brrr! Oh my goodness that is COLD!! Stay warm!! The cookies look delicious, btw. :)

Cindy said...

i never thought i'd say this but i'm kinda wishing for snow this year! we don't get much here in victoria...

cookies look yum!

Michelle said...

I finally just had to throw the end of the sweets out. Couldn't take it anymore! I love them too much!
I had to work on Monday too! Boo...
Snow...none of that here yet. In fact, we had an oddly warm 54*. I'm sure Mr. Winter is lurking around the corner.

Kim said...

Ooo, it's getting chilly and snowy there! Still no lasting snow here!

My coach had me do a treadmill speed/incline workout on Monday. I was miserable. I need to run outdoors too ;)

Here's to another injury free year!

Marlene said...

We're in a cold snap here... I'm sick and can't run, but even if I could I don't think I could brave those temps. Brrr!

Here's hoping for an injury free 2012! Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

~*katy beth*~ said...

5 degrees!!! omg! i would have chose the treadmill for sure:)

~*katy beth*~ said...
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