Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh my shoe!

It is a known fact that I love shoes and actually have quite a few of them.

Boots.  Oh yes.
High heels. Yes please.
Running shoes. Of course.

I really hate to see my shoes wear out and I wish they could last forever.  My running shoes wear out much quicker than any of the other pairs of shoes I wear.  Last week I finally broke down and bought a new pair of Brooks Ghost 5s.  My original Ghost 5s are about 8 months old and I ran my first marathon in them back in May so I have been having a hard time giving them up.

But it was time for them to become my "last resort/icky weather running" shoes because they have quite a few miles on them.

In fact they have 721 miles.

The cost per mile works out to be 0.15 cents (If you remember I keep track of that stuff).

The new Ghosts arrived last night and they are just gorgeous. I didn't really care for the color of my first pair of Ghosts - the blue and purple just was not working for me.  This pair is so perfect because they are PINK!  I love that they are a flashy color.

On closer inspection, you can see I have put quite a bit of wear onto the old Ghosts.  The treads have definitely been worn down.  My right shoe seems to have more wear on the front, while it seems I tend to heel strike a bit on my left. 

It was time for new shoes.  This is the most miles I have ever run on a pair of shoes and I really happy with how well the Ghost 5s held up.  My Ghost 3s are still going strong too, but the two pairs I have are still in the 500 (mile) range.  I think that Brooks seems to make a pretty good quality product that stands up to a lot of miles.

This afternoon I get to test out my new shoes with a nice treadmill run.  It was (and still is) way too cold to run outside!  The temperature is 10F with a wind chill/feels like temp of -5F.  Brrr.  Yes it is definitely a treadmill kind of day.


Jen Feeny said...

Holy smokes girl those shoes are worn down like whoa!!! So glad you are in new ones; love the pink too!

Kim said...

Ditto! Those are crazy worn down! It hurts my feet too much when mine even start to get worn down. You must have super feet! :)

Digging the new pink too!

RunningJunkie said...

WOW. You seriously wear your shoes for a long time. 500 is my max!

I love Brooks. They are just amazing. I just ordered a pair of their Pure Cadence.

A running chick said...

Coolio! I never keep mine long enough to see that much of a difference in the tread. I can just feel it in my shins when it is time to change. I am a Brooks girl, too. I just ordered the Cadence as well, although I usually run in the Launch...which has been discontinued. Booooooo!

Joanne said...

Wow! You have almost as many running shoes as I have. I love buying running shoes over anything else and really don't need them. I rotate so much it's hard to keep track of the miles per shoe but I don't think I wear mine down like you did. That's some tough running.
As for treadmill, I'm forced on it as well. 2 deg. this morning and worse expected tomorrow. Booo!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you really needed new shoes!!! :)

Allison said...

I just bought those pink Ghosts too! Need to put a few more miles of my purple and blue pair before I start wearing them. Pretty sure I'm not going to get anywhere close to 700. Somewhere around 400 is usually my mx.