Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking Back, Looking Ahead plus More

Six months ago I was dealing with many different problems; Mainly i was trying to bring together a team that was falling apart due to severe issues. I wasn't really thinking about my running goals; a lot of things including running were put on the back burner. It definitely was a different time and I was in a very weird place in my life. I was still undecided if I would compete in track for the spring, but i knew that like the previous year I would take a week off after bball then jump right back into running. Since i had come into my senior season in probably the best shape of my life I was hopeful that i would quickly return back to that by May. Unfortunatly i was unable to train throughout the spring like i had intended but I did compete in track and right now I am ahead of where i was at this time last year. All in all things have been good, and I have stayed dedicated to my silent, internal goals.

I guess now is a good time to set goals then:
1. Run my first 1/2 marathon with Winkly!!
2. Go back to my bball reunion and beat the pants off the newbies in the run!
3. Get on the relay team for 4x8 in track
4. Take care of my body nutritionally as well as physically (knees)
5. Get to "the meet" in track for both indoor and outdoor

My knees are ok...I think. Monday i had a little bought of dehydration, i was at work and it just blind sided me. I tried to run Tuesday just for a short distance and then took wednesday off which was a good idea. In basketball my knees took a beating, especially this year. I beleive i have some small nerve damage but otherwise they are ok. Its just weird that this week my knees would act up and start hurting when i am not running long distances. It could be because of the two races in two weeks. I am supposed to be following my running plan from coach - 2 days slow, 1 day fast. Just keep going through that cycle, but i like to go fast and everyday lately I have been trying to get good times and improve. Hopefully icing the knees will help.

Upcoming events include running this weekend with Winkly. She is the one who wanted to do this 1/2 marathon so i told her i would run it with her. Shes a little bit slower than me but i think it will be fun because its always better to run with someone.

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The Laminator said...

Thanks for the encouragement on SFM! I'll definitely need it. Looks like you've made some good progress this year as well. Congrats!