Friday, July 25, 2008


Let's just say that this week has been stressful, tough, annoying, grumpy...the list goes on. The T.U.M. 5K is tomorrow morning which hopefully will start the weekend off right.

Problem #1 - Finding the "perfect" dress for a wedding. There are no good dresses out there. Either i look like im 12 or 80 years old. It's either too big, too small, too floral, too plain, too peasant, too fancy, too gross, too totally NOT me, or blah. I don't what the designers are doing out there. I am not good at art but i think that i could design a better dress than any of them!
Problem #2 - Finding time to fit in my best friends, roommate, high school friends, and parents into an already busy schedule. I try to stay balanced, there just isn't enough time in the day.

Ok so i got that out, i feel a little bit better, I really could go for a nice fatty/sugary snack! My weakness = swedish fish and cookie dough. I might just have to stop at wegmans and get some, probably not the best "night before a race i want to do really well in" food.

It has been rehydration nation here at work all day. (My roommate/best friend, J, came up with that sophomore year when we would stay up all hours drinking water and doing homework when we had a basketball game the next day.) I work in two different groups and of course today, FRIDAY, they both decided to give me "urgent" work. Ok so i'm kind of sparactic and rambling now, probably the lack of food. Let's talk about running - I ran this morning apparently a big no-no with the race tomorrow! It was 2.5 wonderfully slow miles where i almost got hit by a car twice! I dont know what peoples problems are but seriously I'm wearing a freaking REFLECTIVE VEST!!! wake up out there drivers! I dont want to die!

Now that i am on the subject of drivers I'd like to mention a few points. Ill preface this by saying that it has been raining on and off all week with a lot of thunderstorms and downpours. So i am driving home Wednesday night, around 5:30ish and its raining. Of course about a quarter of the people out there do not even have their headlights on! ITS THE FREAKING LAW! You have to have your lights on when using your wipers, or if its raining, or foggy or whatever. (ok im really worked up about this) If the police officers out there spent half the time pulling people over for not having their headlights on at the proper time INSTEAD of pulling people over for speeding at 11pm AT NIGHT then maybe this world would be alot safer! Also I would appreciate it it drivers would not try to get as close to me on the road as they possibly can! im on the outside of the shoulder and you still feel the need to drive right on the white line. Get off your cell phones and stop doing your make-up and JUST DRIVE THE CAR! Ok enough for now...I'm done.

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