Sunday, July 20, 2008


This week was once again super busy for me, and I final had the opportunity to sleep in this morning, but it was pouring at 930am and i woke right up. This weeks running was more on the recovery side after racing hard last Sunday. I know that i still have alot of time before track starts so i do not want to burn myself out. Its a whole different perspective now because usually the second week in September i have to be ready to start pre-season workouts for basketball. BUT not this year...

Yesterdays run at the park was quite interesting. It was way too hot and i was completely soaked by the end. Apparently my "morning" run wasn't early enough. I was hoping that it would rain because i love running in the rain. A few weeks ago when i ran at the park, it was raining. Theres no way to fully describe it, summer rain runs are perfect and usually leave me feeling refreshed and happy no matter what my time. When preparing for the boilermaker i did a few long runs. I specially planned out my route and at about mile 4 that early Saturday morning it decided to pour. I've never really been running in pouring rain but it was great. The leaves glistened and streams of water raced along the ditches.

Anyway, its been a long week but I think I've recovered. I may need a nap today. Last night was a friends from high school, college graduation party. I haven't seen some of those girls in 2-3 years! Of course there was alcohol, and i may have drank some, So todays run may be a bit slower than normal. I'm hoping 5.5 miles in a nice pace will happen sometime this afternoon, and if I'm lucky the rain will continue!

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