Monday, November 17, 2008

I want the Weekend back!

My Weekend Recap -

Went to work like usual and actually worked hard and accomplished something. I proudly showed my boss all that I had gotten done and his response - "Uhh that's good but we really would like this other thing to be done." Well I was not very happy about that and since I had worked through lunch because I was on such a role, I left early and went to practice!

Practice was good - we did 6x100m repeats and I worked on running/sprinting on my toes. I decided to do this because when I arrived at practice my coach came up to me and said - "Make sure you work on sprinting, make sure you run with the sprinters because we really need to make you into a sprinter as you are a middle distance runner." OH REALLY!??? I could have told you that like 2 months ago! And seriously what have I been doing - I run with the sprinters everyday!!!

B-Rabbit and I went to dinner after practice and then to see the James Bond movie, which has a very good theme song with Jack White and Alicia Keys!

(I woke up sore from running on my toes at practice the previous day) I went with my mom back to the college she graduated from for the first time in many years. We went to the football game in the pouring rain and I got soaking wet!! It was fun though because my mom showed me where she met my father and where she lived while she went to school! Sadly due to the rain I did not take any pictures but it still was a fun time with my mom.

Well I was supposed to get some cross training in but I ended up at the mall doing Christmas shopping with B-Rabbit. I am not sure though if taking two days off in a row is good for me even if I do workout Monday through Friday.

Other odds and ends:
Today's practice is at noon so I will be skipping out of work for an extended "lunch" which will include some 400m repeats indoors as it is about 33 degrees outside! YAY for lunch time workouts!

I have decided that I am going to try and run a timed mile sometime soon to see if I can break a 6 minute mile. My best is 6:11 which I ran my freshman year in college - I would have ran an even faster time last year in basketball but my coach made us run the mile just 8 short hours after our first intense practice!

Ok I am off to hydrate like crazy and maybe do some work! Hope everyone had a good weekend! Have a good Monday! (Honestly I am really not that cheery in the morning)


Unknown said...

I don't think I've ever had sore toes from running. That has got to feel weird. And then stand and watch a football game in the rain with the sore toes?

Anonymous said...

Christmas shopping I think counts as cross training! Very cool that you got to spend time with your mom at her old college.

Marcy said...

Ooohh girl you can do a sub 6! No prob ;-)

No Longer Using said...

do you cross-train during the week at all or is it straight up track practice? i know you mix in some other things too like lifting and treadmill... what's your cross-train of choice? i tend to like the bike.

did you bball team have a fitness test? (was that what the timed mile was?) we had to do 15 timed suicides and the first 4 were in some time... 32 or 34 seconds? and the next 4 were in 38... and so on. i don't remember the exact times. it actually wasn't that bad if you were in decent shape, a lot of people just got really stressed out about it and it weeded out less serious players/walk-ons etc.

tfh said...

I miss the weekend too! You can def. break that 6 minute mile with the workouts you've been running and it's going to be amazing!

Aron said...

i want the weekend back too :( it goes by WAY too fast!!

sounds like you had a great weekend!!

Felice Devine said...

I always want the weekend back :-)

Chic Runner said...

I am so with you on the bond theme song.. :) I shazamed it on my phone before the movie even started! Glad you had a good but quick weekend. We must be working for the same boss because that would SO happen to me too :)

Nicole said...

Go you! I'm virtually cheering for you to run a sub 6! You can do it! I love special days with mom, they are and always will be the best!

The Laminator said...

Running a sub-6 would really be a cool goal, and I totally think you could do it...since you've been training with the sprinters and all.

Marci said...

Wow 6 minute mile. I nearly killed myself running sub seven minute mile this summer! Good luck!