Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I woke up this morning at 830am and was happy to have the extra hour from day-light savings time! I didn't run yesterday - it was cold and gross out but I couldn't just lie around again today. It was a cold crisp morning (39 degrees!) but I pulled on the spandex and under armour along with my gloves and headed out. I mapped out the mileage before hand and was going to do an out and back (out 3.6 miles). Well when I got to the turnaround I looked at my time and I was pretty sure that the one way mileage was more like 4 miles. When I got home I re-mapped it and sure enough it was 3.94 miles! Making my full run about 7.9 miles.

It felt really good to get out there and run the distance again. I had knee pain again but only for the last mile or so and it wasn't anything significant to worry about; probably just that my knees not used to the distance. The sun was out, it was a beautiful run. The only weird thing was that about 1.5 miles in my shoulder started to ache. I have gotten this pain before and usually it goes away because I just ignore it but it sure is annoying!!

The reason I felt ok skipping the run yesterday and doing it today was that at Fridays practice my legs felt tired. We didn't do much but they felt beat up so I decided they needed to rest. I think it was well worth it.

7.9 miles in 1:05:06 (8:14 pace)

Two other things - I finished my book! I will be posting the review tomorrow! And I made a home-made apple pie yesterday. B-Rabbit had never had one so I also made it for him, and now he says he loves apple pie!!

Enjoy the day! I can't wait to read all the NYC Marathon race reports!!


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the run. I've heard that if you get shoulder pain it can be a sign that you need more water. I never really researched it, but there could be some truth to it.

Glad B rabbit liked the apple pie.

Unknown said...

Nice for what seemed like just a get up and go. An impromptu 8 miler is always good.

Marcy said...

Dang you are one speedy speedy chick! ;-) Very nice run! Gotta love this weather, eh? Not really. LOL

shannon said...

nice! is there snow up there yet? I remember the first time I ever ran the loop I was so proud of myself. There was snow and ice on the ground, I'll never forget how great I felt after that freeezzing run. But.. I never did it again.. lol.

And yes, my two friends I'm planning on running the marathon with were my roommates in college! UC 221! Best year of college ever.

Nicole said...

Awesome RUN! Thats a sweet time! Speedy is right!

Marci said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll add yours to my ticker when I update my list. I love your icon BTW (total shoe freak here!) Mmmm Apple that makes me hungry!

N.D. said...

Great job on the run, I love it when it is more than you think!! The apple pie sounds yummy, perfect timing for it!

Aron said...

awesome job on the run!!