Sunday, December 28, 2008

At The Track

The weather here has been unseasonable warm since yesterday and this morning I awoke to a beautiful 55 degrees! I pulled on my running clothes and drove down to the track. It was VERY windy and in the distance I could see dark clouds looming. I started my warm up and then got into the workout but the wind just kept blowing and soon the clouds had blocked out the sun. It was like a hurricane with blowing winds and spitting rain! I hurried to finish my workout and then drove myself home to a nice warm shower and coffee! (The temperature read 46 degrees when I got back!)

This workout was actually quite good had I not been rushing!

800m warm up, stretch etc.
2x55m high knees
500m, rest 2 minutes
120m, rest 10 minutes
400m, rest 2 minutes
120m, rest 8 minutes
300m, rest 2 minutes
120m, rest 6 minutes
200m, rest 2 minutes
200m, rest until comfortable
then do 800m cool down and stretch

I didn't really get any kind of cool down in - opps

Now its time to curl up on the couch with my book and the tv remote! Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

Nice job pushing into the wind. I hate doing speed workouts in the wind.

N.D. said...

Weather is weird around here too! crazy wind but really warm out.

Nicole said...

The weather has been nuts here. We got all that snow, but now its gone. It was like 57 yesterday and today the wind is blowing me away. AH the joys of michigan winters

Marlene said...

Awsome track workout, especially in the wind!

Julianne said...

Oh man, sprinting in the wind? Tough but great workout!! What book are you reading now? :-)

Anonymous said...

We had a really warm day yesterday too in the 70's! Nice workout.

No Longer Using said...

ooooh that sounds like scary weather!!!! did you do this workout solo? nice job getting it in!!!!! curling up on the couch after hard work is the BEST!!!! :)

X-Country2 said...

Way to get out there in the wind! Enjoy your holiday break.