Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

I really should have run yesterday instead of taking the day off. I lounged around all day and didn't have any energy (staying up till 1am the night before to finish my book may have caused this!). But the temperature yesterday was 30 degrees with no snow, while this morning I woke up to 18 degrees and 6 inches of snow and the roads not clear! I hope I can make it out later this afternoon for a nice enjoyable 5 mile run!

Here are my tentative 2009 running goals (at least until the end of track season)

1. Get faster! (Now how do i do that? I already do all the speed workouts and drills in practice - maybe I need to put more intensity into them?)

2. Run the 2009 Boilermaker in under a 8 minute/mile pace

3. Leave no regrets (in the sense that I have 4 months in track left and I want to make every moment count!)

There are a few more *tiny* personal track goals but I know that if I follow #1 and #3 then I will hopefully accomplish them!

I have really enjoyed reading everyones year in review posts as well as the looking ahead to 2009! May you all have a safe and happy New Year!


N.D. said...

Nice goals. Some rest days of the legs are good!

N.D. said...

and Happy New Year!

Marci said...

Great resolutions! Happy New Year!

Aron said...

great goals!!! happy 2009!!!

Nicole said...

awesome goals! I hope you had a happy new year!

Laura said...

I like the Boilermaker goal especially - that would be an incredible pace with those crowds!