Thursday, December 4, 2008

TIART: My Running Dream

We all have the dreams of running fast, winning the race, hearing the crowd cheer! But as I have grown and matured I have learned a lot about myself as an athlete. Of course I would love to hear the crowd cheer for me but often it isn't all about winning. I feel that it is about doing the best you can on any given day, thinking the positive thoughts, knowing your strengths, and believing in yourself.

Sure I want to win, I love to win but as I have found out from running college track and field, I am no longer the best as I was in college basketball. I have to work hard for every inch, for every second and the feeling of actually doing my best is enough to give me a great sense of accomplishment.

So this year, my one and only year of college track I have a few dreams: (in no particular order)
1. Run my race, and do my best!
2. Enjoy every moment with my girls from the team
3. Be the first girl to participate in Heptathlon at my school!
4. Run on the relay team, and run through the pain (see below)

I had some extra time before it was time to go to practice after my class so I headed to the library. It was nice to just sit with no interruptions and read my book (Dean's 50/50 book). I can across a little section that I want to share because it really relates to my desire and dream to run through the pain (not like injury pain, but the pain at the end of a sprint race - Not giving up). For me this is what its all about:

"Building mental toughness really comes down to saying yes with your heart when your body says no, and getting the job done despite the pain." Just like we used to say during my high school soccer games, When your legs get tired, Run with your Heart!

If you can dream it, you can do it. It's all about positive thinking.

Ok I have rambled on enough - I really could keep going and going though!

Practice has been fairly easy - yesterday we worked on running out of blocks and today we did baton handoffs as well as 400m repeats and then a 200m sprint. We ran on the older indoor track which has super tight turns but still ran fairly fast. We then maxed out on bench press again - I could do 100lbs just fine once but then when I tired 105lbs I just couldn't do it. But I can tell that I am getting stronger so at the very least its a little progress! Tomorrow we have some nice 200m repeats.

Happy Thursday! The weekend is just around the corner!


Marci said...

Very good dreams to have.

Unknown said...

nice goals. I like #4

Nicole said...

awesome dreams, you've inspired me! :)

Brooke Hughes said...

I love reading your blogs...they make me want to push myself harder with my running!

Julianne said...

It's all about positive thinking!! You go girl. Your blog is always inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Great quote! You have some great dreams. I agree with you that it isn't always about winning or awards. When I played I always prided myself on the type of player my teammates thought I was.

Felice Devine said...

Positive thinking definitely makes achieving your dreams easier -- and you have some good ones!

Marlene said...

Well said.

Dream # 3 would be SO amazing to achieve!

No Longer Using said...

Thanks so much for sharing those thoughts-- Run with your heart when your legs get tired and Dean's thoughts on mental toughness. I need to keep these in mind because I've been having a tough time with longer distances. And you're right it's not all about winning-- i was initially discouraged cuz i ran a slower thanksgiving race this year than last year but my dad was the same amount impressed and proud. so it's really great when you have the support of others. which i am 100% certain you do :)

X-Country2 said...

Your #2 dream really is a great one. I'll forget nearly every play through my college athletic career, but those wonderful times with my girls will remain forever. :o)

Marcy said...

Heptathlon would be AWESOME!! Those are some great goals chica!

Aron said...

those are awesome goals!!!!

love that part in 50/50... thats what i will be telling myself on sunday!

Izzy said...

Kudos! :-)