Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Positive Thoughts

I really had trouble coming up with today's interval workout.  I thought about maybe doing 1000m repeats or mile repeats but instead stuck with the same old same old!  I am definitely looking for some interval workouts because I am running out of ideas!

Tuesday Workout:

After a mile warm up where my legs actually felt really good and awake, I set into my workout - 3 x (400m, 600m, 800m) with 90 seconds to 0.25 miles rest between and then 3-5 minutes recovery between sets.  I ran the 400m faster than the 600m, and the 600m faster than the 800m.  The first and second sets were decent, I felt like I was pushing but wasn't totally spent.  I started the final set and i wasn't sure I was going to make it through the intervals!  Then I proceeded to cool down for 0.3 miles! I actually ended up walking for about 0.2 miles more but I just had nothing left to continue running a cool down.

This definitely was a tough workout but it gave me so much positive energy!  I was very hyper for most of the morning until the after lunch coma set in around 1pm!

In honor of Lacey and her positive thinking journal I thought I would mention a few positive things from today!

1. The sun is shining today and it is now light outside at 6:30am!!
2. I have some amazing friends who sent me funny messages today that made me laugh out loud!
3. I am reading/almost done reading a good book - The Wedding Machine by Beth Webb Hart (review tomorrow - bringing back Literary Wednesdays!!)

What are you positive about today!  Your run? The weather?  Share the positive and let me know!  Happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...

There are some good interval workouts in this plan http://www.furman.edu/first/10%20Mile%20Training%20Program.pdf the key run 1 column, I just did the 1 x 1600m, 2 x 800m, then 4 x 400 and it was horrible in a good way, I blogged about it here http://boxruneat.blogspot.com/2010/03/010310.html

Anonymous said...

hooray! this made me so happy :)

did you run your workout outside??? i'm heading to the track in 7 minutes!!! countdown is ON. hehhe. i always think of you when i plan to run 400s. i think i'm just going to tack a couple on to some 800s today, see how that goes. i haven't run on an outdoor track since... december (and that was a fluke weather day... before that... october?).

I MISS LW! let's bring it back. i'm on it. i've read so many detective-mystery books i should list them out. i read all the robert b. parker books- i like the sunny randall books and the jesse stone books (series). The wedding machine sounds intriguing, just by the title.

GOOD THINGS TODAY! definitely sunshine!!!!!!!! and i'm wearing sandals! =amazing :)

Jocelyn said...

Great job on your intervals. those are tough!
i like the positive thinking. I just found out I can't run for 3 weeks so this couldn't have come at a better time!

Felice Devine said...

Yay for pos. energy! I am LOVING this warm sunshine for sure!

Molly said...

your post is so timely, becuase I realized today I need to start doing speed work, and adjust how I run overall. But I got in a four mile morning run today, which has given me positive energy all day!

Anonymous said...

great speedwork. i'm lucky i guess that i have a plan telling me what to do otherwise i'd just alternate between 800m and mile repeats!!

yay for positive thinking and positive energy :)

Anonymous said...

great speedwork. i'm lucky i guess that i have a plan telling me what to do otherwise i'd just alternate between 800m and mile repeats!!

yay for positive thinking and positive energy :)

Nicole said...

nice workout girlie! i need to start sticking to a schedule! i love when you post these! you should write them down then make up a little booklet so u can keep them! :) i like to do things like that! :)

im happy about the weather and my nice easy 4 mile run! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great work out! I am hoping to incorporate some speedwork into my marathon training. Crossing my fingers that my knee gets better soon so I can hit the track when the weather allows for that.

Speaking of weather, that is def what is making me happy these days. The sun is shining & the temps have been fantastic!! Spring just might be here!!

Marlene said...

Nice intervals! I love that so many of us do them on Tuesdays and I love reading what everyone else is up to.

YAY POSITIVITY! The early daylight is so nice, but that will be changing this month with DST. (but then at least we'll have light evenings!)

Glenn Jones said...

Well, the problem with intervals is that there are only a finite number of them right? 400, 800, 1200, 1600. It's all about mixing them up and running them at the proper intensity that makes a difference.

There are some good resources in the earlier comments. Theimportant thing about interval training is to understand *why*. Look at the first two points on this webpage for a good discussion of why interval training is important. Then you can adjust your intensity accordingly.

run with Jill said...

Great speed workout!

I'm currently doing 400 repeats at the track. this week I did 6x400 and next week I'll do 7!

My time gets faster each week and that is my biggest inspiration. I dread track workouts, but when I see improvement and faster race times, I'm thankful I add them in my weekly routine.


Anonymous said...

yay for positive thinking journals…super hard but worth it for sure!