Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding Talk: Jewelry

I am not a jewelry person - my mom often joked when I was in high school that I would get engaged and never wear my ring because I never ever wore jewelry.

I got my ears pierced a month before my senior prom so that I could actually wear real earrings.  After that I only wore earrings for special occasions or when I happen to remember to put them in.

Well now that I am engaged, I do wear my engagement ring every day but that is the only jewelry I wear consistently.  Sometimes I will remember to put in earrings or wear my watch but usually I don't.

With my wedding approaching quickly I have been on the search for the "perfect" jewelry for me.  Something that is slightly flashy but not over the top - something that is me.  A few weeks ago I finally found the perfect bracelet and earrings. 

Wedding earrings
I wanted a cuff bracelet because I have such small wrists and I needed a bracelet I could fit to my wrist.
Wedding bracelet
A few days after I found my wedding jewelry, I got a call that our wedding bands were in too!!  It had been such a long time since I had seen mine so I was excited to try it on again with my ring.

And Brian got one too

For one day I think I can handle all this jewelry and then go back to just wearing my rings.  Except when I run - I never run in my rings. 

Do you like jewelry? Do you run in your jewelry??

Happy Friday!


Tricia said...

nope,never run in my rings. Thats probably why I always notice when others do. Its weird to me :)

lovely jewelry

Jen Feeny said...

I'm right there with you, I am not big on jewelry. I have a few staples that if I remember I'll wear, but otherwise not really a jewelry person. I LOVE that cuff!!!

Anonymous said...

love those earings! sooo pretty!

i usually dont wear rings to run. i have 2 that i wear on a daily basis but i take them off to run. i dont know how i will be when im engaged.

the only thing that i wear ALL the tiem is a necklace that the bf gave me for our one year anniversary. the only time i ever took it off is hwen we went to cuba last year. I didnt know want to lose it in the ocean.

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

I'm not big on jewelry either, but I never take off my engagement/wedding rings (except when I take them to get cleaned). I've never thought that was weird, but maybe it is??? Although I'm not big on a lot of jewelry, I have to say that those earrings and that bracelet are gorgeous!! So simple and beautiful.

Marlene said...

Could have written that myself! I only wear my rings, and never run in them.

Your jewelry looks great, though!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. You have wonderful taste. I take off my engagement ring when I run and wear just the band because I don't want them rubbing up against each other and dulling the finish. Plus it's hard to do an engagement ring with gloves in the winter.

RunningOnCoffee said...

I keep my rings on when I run, but no necklaces and no long earrings.

I almost always wear my wedding band and engagement ring- exception is if I do weights at the gym (I took a chunk out of the bottom of my engagement ring soon after getting engaged because I wore it while doing the rowing machine stupid).

I don't wear lots of jewelry - the wedding stuff, a claddagh ring on the other hand, stud earrings and sometimes a simple necklace.

Kim said...

Everything looks so pretty! I cannot wait to see the whole ensemble!!!

Sometimes I wear earrings when I run, but nothing else. My fingers swell too much to wear rings while I run.

Being Robinson said...

those look perfect! i'm not a huge jewelery person either. i usually just forget.

i do always wear my wedding rings (even while running, i'm too afraid i'll lose them if i take them off) and almost always wear a necklace my husband got me (also wear that when i run).

Amber said...

I'm not big on jewelry either but I knew I wanted to get in the habit of wearing my engagement ring almost 24/7 so the ONLY time I take it off is when I sleep (for some reason I just can't sleep in it). I run, swim, bike and everything else in it. It feels weird not to wear it now!

I'm also not a huge jewelry person and big dangly earrings hurt my ears (which is unfortunate because I like the way they look) so only wear necklaces or earrings occasionally!

Unknown said...

I wear a leather necklace and earrings. I feel weird without the earrings. I used to wear my polar watch all the time but since I recovered from surgery, I have been running without it and happily gaining speed by listening to my body instead of looking at my watch.

kaydi327 said...

Your wedding jewelry is gorgeous- gorgeous!!! I kept it simple- since I had a lot of beading on my sweetheart neckline I didn't wear a necklace- just nice diamond studs from my mom. Our ring set is really similar- you (well, Brian ;) ) have great taste!!

I always take off my necklace when I run (I generally wear one Brian gave me, sometimes I change it up). I've been trying to incorporate more jewelry into my wardrobe because it can really jazz it up, but I get lazy.

-Katie @ Legally Fit

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your wedding jewelry is beautiful!! Like you, I am not a jewelry person. I actually wish i had never pierced my ears because i so rarely wear earrings. I do like to wear bracelets (if I can find them small enough, I have tiny wrists, too). But instead of jewelry, I'd rather wear a bright colored shoe, like red heels. :)

Amy said...

I almost never wear jewellery either. I always buy it when I travel as a practical souvenir because it's something I can "use" and is light weight and doesn't take up room in the suitcase, but then it just sits in the drawer when I get home! I love what you've chosen for your wedding.

Nicole said...

Gorgy! I love it all! :) im still on the hunt for my earrings and bracelet. I probably wont wear a necklace :)

Suzy said...

Very beautiful pieces! I love your ring. I always wear my rings. Friends have found it surprising that I wear them when I run.

Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is beautiful!

Why don't you wear your engagement ring while running? As someone who's newly engaged, I haven't worn it on long runs (8+ miles) but have worn it for shorter distances. This weekend at a 5K however, I noticed that the 4 other ladies (all married) did not have on any rings at the race.

Felice Devine said...


I don't wear my rings when I run. Or when I do any sort of exercise.

Page said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang girl...look at that rock!! NICE!