Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A jam packed super summer

I am so busy.  

Ok so I said I work 40 hours in 4 days.  And it is pretty intense.  Add on top of that running, cleaning my house, making food for my husband and trying to have social life all the while only being home for three weekends total between July 4th and Labor day.

Ugg.  This summer is busy.  But really let's be honest, I do this to myself.  I allow myself to be crazy busy because some part of me deep down does enjoy it.

The sunrise from on of my many morning runs
This week is one of the busiest yet.  And although it is only Tuesday night and I feel like its Thursday, I am filled with excitement.  Because this is what summer is all about.  It is about fitting in as much stuff as you can in 2 months.

Let's take a sneak peak into my week and my to do list and how I plan to get it all accomplished...

To Do - Week of July 16th
Run 46 miles
Work 40 hours
Yoga Monday night
Total body class Thursday morning
Spinning Friday morning
Grocery shop
Make cookies and muffins for Brian
Pack for trip/bridal shower
Birthdays this week (3)
Vacuum kitchen, bedroom and bathroom

As you can see my top priority happens to be running because it is the one thing that I will do almost every day this week.  Next would be working because that will consume me from Monday thru Thursday.  Everything else is spread out throughout the week.

The only way I can make this all work is to a) run in the mornings and b) make tons of to do list.  I know I am not the only one out there who does this.  So I will just admit it and hope that you can all understand.

Monday: AM 6 mile run, Work, yoga, vacuum bathroom
Tuesday: AM 3 mile run, Work, PM 8 mile run, Birthdays (2), vacuum bedroom
Wednesday: AM 6 mile run, Work, Manicure, bake cookies and muffins, vaccum kitchen
Thursday: AM TBC class, Work w/ a large coffee, PM 8+ mile run, grocery shop and pack
Friday: AM spin class, last minute packing, Leave for bridal shower

I cannot wait until Friday not just because it is the end of the work week but because I love weddings and I love being a part of them.  Last summer I was at the heart of wedding planning and I was the center of attention at my bridal shower which was nice, but honestly I love being a part of wedding without actually having to be the bride. 

So now you all know my little crazy secret of over scheduling myself and somehow trying to fit it all in without going crazy!  I try to do a little bit each day and that helps me to get it all done.  Usually Monday thru Thursday are the craziest days ever but the three day weekends are glorious.

Time to go and check more off my to do list! 


Rena said...
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Rena said...

Your days sound crazy! I can't believe you prepare food on top of all that you have to do. I try to cook more, but I keep on eating ramen and hot pockets. Oops

Kim said...

My summer has been like that too! And I do love packing it all in and doing so much and having a blast! I struggle getting up early to run though! It's okay when I work from home, but when I have to get up at 4:30 to work downtown it's tough! I need your commitment!

Have fun at the bridal shower! :)

RunningJunkie said...

I am the same way! And it drives my boyfriend nuts! I secretly love having every minute packed!

Elizabeth said...

It's great you have so many things in your life that you find fulfilling! Great job juggling it all! :-)

christina said...

You have more weekly mileage than me but our schedules are very similar... and I 100% do it to myself. My husband constantly tells me I try to do to much... but I just wanted be me if I didnt do that!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, your mileage is still high! Nice work! I can totally relate, though. My summer is very busy, but like you said, I like it that way. It requires me to be really organized!

Marlene said...

Oh boy, I hear ya! I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants all summer. Lists, lists and more lists to get everything done during the week and weekends are just packed. Fun, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a lot! Amazing how you can fit running in there. You go girl!