Monday, July 23, 2012

End of a streak

Yesterday marked my first COMPLETE rest day in 36 days.

Wow.  Over a month of consecutive workouts.

My legs definitely needed the rest.  I had taken days off from running, usually at least one per week, but on my off days I have been filling my exercise void with active recovery by going to spinning class at the gym.

And I may be a little bit crazy for working out for so many days in a row.  But I enjoy it.  I don't always go fast every day, I usually listen to my body and see how I feel, but working out every day just makes me feel good.

I spend most of my day sitting in a chair. For the summer months, that is at the very most 10 HOURS a day people! 10 hours of 24 per day.  Yeah - I get up and walk around and take breaks and go to the bathroom and eat lunch but its still a lot of sitting. So if I don't exercise, I feel like a complete slob.

Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Apparently sitting is killing you.  And me.  So today I start my streak over again and see how far this one takes me. 


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Bah - I hate sitting for work. Definitely try to get up regularly and drink water, go to the bathroom, grab something from the copier, etc. Now going out for a little walk on my lunch break. Yesterday I walked a few miles, but other than that it was a day of rest for me too. I know the body needs it once in a while.

Unknown said...

36 days is a heckuva streak--congrats on your accomplishment! I worry about how much time I spend sitting, too. I need to get one of those treadmill desks. I do try to take a short walking break around my building every half an hour or so when I'm working at my computer for long periods of time.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow. That is crazy! I can not imagine having that long of a streak... I couldn't do it! My body seems to need 1-2 full rest days a week!

I sit at work all day, too. I try to compensate by walking for 20 minutes around lunch. And I get up as much a I can during the day. I figure every bit helps!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your workout streak, that is super impressive!! Keep it up!!

Johann said...

Well done with the streak! I admire you for doing that. I've been challenge many times to start a running streak but so far I resist. I'm all against sitting but as I work in IT I often sit for long hours. I hate it but I do love my job.

Rena said...

Well done sir, that's an awesome streak!

I've finally started cross training. I've even gone to a few of spinning classes. Hopefully it improves my running.

Jamie said...

I sit a lot at work too, I may be interpreting at the same time but I'm still sitting. I do like that I have to walk around a lot to get to my classes though. Summer is definitely filled with a lot of down time!

Great job with the streak but I'm sure your body appreciated the rest.

Erica Gorman said...

I have to sit a lot at work too but thankfully my co-workers and I tend to take a lot of get up and move breaks!

Amber said...

Wow that is a long time! I think the longest I've gone straight is like 10 days. I walk the dog every day but it's a very EASY walk so I don't even consider it a workout at all! I move A LOT more at my new job than I did at my old job but still spend the majority of my day sitting!

Marlene said...

I hate that I have to sit so much at work! It makes me feel so tired & sluggish and just BLAHHH.

On to another streak! :)