Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Things Tuesday

This is such a short week for me - I have tomorrow off for the 4th of July holiday PLUS Friday off because this week we started our summer hours at work.  Summer hours run from July 4th to Labor Day and consist of everyone in the company working 10 hour days, 4 days a week.  It is pretty awesome having three day weekends all summer, but Thursdays are a tough day at work.  I am glad we are easing into it this week with a short week!

Anyway - Since it is a little bit of a different week, I thought I would just do some of my random thoughts from this week so far (adapted from Kim!)

  • It is July meaning we are half way through the year.  My total miles so far is 963.7!  This is definitely farther along that I was last year with miles (thank you marathon training!)
  • I tried a Tabata workout on Sunday after my run.  I loved it and can't wait to try another one (more info to come!)
  • I made these warm toasted marshmallow bars over the weekend and they turned out delicious!  We still have leftovers and even though they are not "warm, just out of the oven", they are still sooo good!
  • Racing this weekend => Boilermaker 15k.  The plan is to set a new course PR (1:11:35).  This will also be my first year running the race with my garmin.  The past 6 times I have run the race, I have just used my trusty Timex watch since I didn't have a garmin until March 2011, and last year I didn't run this race.
  • We picked our first zucchini from the garden yesterday - it was hidden under some of the leaves on the plant so we didn't see it and it grew a little too big.  But it will still be great tonight as a cheesy zucchini side dish with some key west marinated chicken!

  • This week is 12 weeks from my next half marathon in September.  The training plan is all set and ready to go! I made it a bit aggressive so we will see how that goes since every weekend through September is booked with fun things!
  • Found this article yesterday from another blog about the "Most important stretch a runner can do" and I have to agree.  I really need to do it more.
  • Tomorrow, a bunch of my friends are running a 4th of July 5k race.  I plan on running to the race and then cheering them on.  I am pretty excited to spectate!  After the race, we are all going to my running buddy's house for brunch!  Can't wait for some good food.
What are your random things today?  Happy Tuesday!


Marlene said...

Sooo jealous of those summer hours, although you are definitely working for it with the 10 hour days.

Nice zucchini!!

Good luck for Boilermaker this weekend!

ihaverun said...

GOod luck this weekend! And have fun tomorrow.

Those bars look insanely good. I will be making them asap (and probably eating WAY too many of them myself)!

Kim said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Yay for summer hours! I wish I could work a 4/10 schedule the entire year! I work 9 hours days now and get every Friday off.

I am excited for your race! And for spectating your friends! I love spectating! A few weeks ago my BiL did not want us to come to his tri because he thought we would be bored. Not me!

You are kicking butt on mileage! I wonder how many miles over last year you will be this year!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a running machine! Great mileage so far this year!

Jamie said...

Those bars look AMAZING!! I'm going to have to make them as one of our new recipes! Yum!

I hope you get your course PR at the Boilermaker, hopefully it isn't too hot! Since I DNF my first 15K, the Stockade-athon, I am going to have an automatic PR.

RunningJunkie said...

Those bars look friggin amazing!! My daughter LOVES marshmellows too so she would love those!!

HIIT workouts are definitely hard but produce results. Have you tried Insanity? Same concept....really tough.