Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three (slightly random) Things Thursday

Oh hey it's THURSDAY!! Yay!

1. Last weekend I went  blueberry picking with a friend.  It was an insanely hot morning and I was sweating so much by the end but managed to pick about 12 pounds of blueberries.  Brian already requested blueberry muffins, but I am craving blueberry pancakes. Yum!

2. Due to a late frost at the end of May, my hydrangeas are not flowering.  There was one bud and flowers but this is it and of course the bug was on the back of the plant, hidden under several other leaves. Once I saw these few flowers, I quickly clipped them and brought them inside to a vase.  Need to enjoy the few hydrangeas we get this year  :-(

3. Check out my giant bruise!  Brian and I moved a piano on Sunday and then Monday I woke up with this! I do not bruise easily and I don't remember getting hit really hard so I don't know how this happened.  This has to be my biggest bruise EVER!

Only a couple of hours (ok more like 5-6 hours) stand between me and the weekend.  Happy Thursday!!


Marlene said...

Those hydrangeas are so pretty! Sad that you won't gave lots to enjoy this year.

Yikes to the bruise! That is pretty big to not remember.

Have a great weekend! YAY!

Rena said...

Aww your post briefly got me excited about the weekend. And then I realized that today is Thursday and you work four days and I don't. Bummer.

And the one thing that I've always wanted to do was to go blueberry picking. Very jealous.

Unknown said...

That's a lot of blueberries! They look delicious. You are going to be so full of antioxidants.

Sorry about your bruise! I always get mystery bruises. I must beat myself up when I'm sleeping or something.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! Fresh picked blueberries sound awesome! That bruise looks nasty. I bruise so easily, but I have never found a bruise that big that I didn't remember bringing upon myself!

Anonymous said...

YUMMM blueberries! i love blueberry pancakes!

that is a huge bruise. i bruise very easily and always have bruises on my legs. :(

Anonymous said...

OUCH that bruise looks serious! Hope it doesn't hurt.