Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last night i finished the book i had been reading; Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella and it was actually quite good. Of course it was your typical "girly" book but sometimes i just need a break so i read one and it inspires me in some odd way. Its just like running, sometimes you have to go easy, have a less complicated run, remember why you are doing this and that you actually love it.

Everyone has secrets; recently i found the blog PostSecret and its been very inspiring as well, i also bought the book and its amazing to read other peoples secrets, I don't mind that i have no idea who these people are. Its the fact that there is so much joy and sadness out there in the secrets that we hold on to.

I know that i have secrets, maybe its an only child thing, maybe its just me. Secrets go hand in hand with lies. Ok ok before we get ahead of ourselves, I'm not a compulsive liar just because i have secrets. I know that i like to keep somethings to myself, sometimes its just too personal and/or painful to talk about.

Yesterdays run was good, Very foggy which was cool because as the cars approached me on the road, their headlights glowed in the fog. I just did a little warm-up then ran a fartlek/interval combo thing. It seemed to work well because it gave me some intensity but also a little break as i could feel i was tired from the Monday run, and work has been stressing me out as well as other "life" things. Today i tried to go fast, trying to prepare for this 5k on Saturday. I was grumpy though, last night there were thunderstorm with wild lightning and pounding rain. I love thunderstorms and lightning but sometimes a girl just needs her sleep!


Frayed Laces said...

ooh girl careful on those foggy runs! Don't be runner roadkill!

Laura said...

Sophie Kinsella books are so fun, though sometimes the dumb moves her characters make are just frustrating! Check out The Undomestic Goddess; it's one of my favorites by her, and it's a standalone one (rather than the Shopaholic series where you have to read them in order).