Sunday, July 27, 2008


What a weekend, and I still have most of Sunday to go!

Everyone always talks about their Garmins, I'm not big on those but on Friday i did find a watch of sorts that i would enjoy having. On "What Not to wear" on TLC with Stacy (i love her!) and Clinton they were helping Tara, an Olympic swimmer, update her fashion look.
The main point is that, Tara had this awesome white watch that told her what her heart rate was at that moment as well as how many calories she had burned. WANT IT!

Saturdays 5k was good and bad. I went out way too fast, with the first mile at 6:35, then progressively slower through miles 2 and 3. Surprisingly though i finished 4th in my age group with a time of 22:32. Last October I ran a 5k at school in 21:37 or something, so this race was good for me. I know that i am way ahead of my training from last year but i still have a lot of work to do. I've realized that i now have a goal. I want to win a race, be the first woman to cross the finish line.
Thanks to B-rabbit, i have a nice little picture of me before mile 3, there were other ones but i think i look real funny in all of them. Overall it was a very enjoyable race, I just need to work on maintaining a more even pace, and learn how to push through the fatigue at the end of the race.


B-rabbit said...

Man whoever this B-rabbit guy is; I think you should take him out to dinner for all those wonderful pictures ;)

The Laminator said...'re fast! Nice 5-K. No doubt you'll get better as you progress in your training.

Laura said...

That's a crazy fast 5K - I'm impressed!

My Garmin has a heart rate monitor but I haven't figured out yet if it can do calories burned.

Frayed Laces said...

Way to go on your 5k! You'll figure out your pacing soon enough. Way to rock it, girl!