Monday, December 15, 2008

Track Meet Report

Friday night was a pretty eventful day - Since all three of my events were towards the end of the meet, I took the second bus and met up with the sprinter girls who were already there. Since this was my first track meet I was unsure how fast the meet would progress.

Usually our indoor track meets are held at only a few places that actually have good indoor tracks. This was a dual meet which we usually don't have and it was at a near by college that has a horrendous track. First of all this track isn't 200 meters like most indoor tracks, its about 210 meters so all the starts are not at the finish lines they are scattered randomly. Second, this track is partially in a tunnel! A freaking tunnel!!? I don't know what engineers designed it but they were apparently not thinking straight!!

I started warming up for the 800m (there were two other girls from my team running this event with me). Just after I put on my track spikes, one of the throwers came over and told me that mens shot had just finished and womens shot would start soon. I sprinted over to the the shot put pit and explained my situation to the official. He said that I could get some throws in first to qualify me for finals and the come back after I ran and throw my final 3 throws. Let me explain - in college field events like shot and disc, etc there are first 3 regular throws, then the top ten go to finals and get three more throws. Since there were only 6 girls this meet, I was guaranteed to get into finals.

I threw two throws (9.3m? and 9.72m) and sprinted back to change into my spikes and continues warming up. The 800m race started soon after I got back and I was off! I aggressively pushed towards the front of the pack but made sure not to exert any extra energy than necessary. The first lap my split was 38 seconds and I didn't even feel out of breath, the second lap I continued to follow the four girls in front of me and my split was 1:17. Every time I passed my team I could here Alison screaming for me!! It all went by so fast and before I knew it I was on the final lap and I felt really good. With about 100m left I pushed past a girl who had slowed down and into the finish. One of the girls from my team won the race and I came in 4th. It wasn't that bad but I thought I had gone much faster and made it under 2 minutes and 40 seconds. (My ultimate goal in this is to go as fast as I can!! hehe or at least 2:30).

I didn't have any time to find out my time (I didn't even see the clock as I sprinted to the finish because I was so focused) and I went back over to the throw shot. I had three throws and was in 5th place. Last year at my first outdoor meet I was very nervous and only threw 9.3 meters. My farthest throw going into my final shot throw was 9.85 meters. My name was called and I stepped into the circle. I focused all my energy and thought "ok actually throw this big 8 pound ball, no more wimpy girl throws!" Then another thought popped into my head - Think about a time when you were mad a B-Rabbit and channel all that anger into throwing! I know thats prolly not the best thought but guess what! IT worked! I threw 10.12 meters! For not practicing at all before this meet I was pretty happy!

While my meet was going on B-rabbit was at his swim meet which happened to be at the same college and was literally right next to the track. I popped my head into the pool area after finishing shot and talked to him. He had been swimming when I ran the 800m so I was hoping he would be able to make it for the 4x4 relay.

I had a lot of time before the relay - they had to do the 400m, 500m, 55m finals AND the 3000m for both women and men! We (the relay team) practiced our hand offs for a bit and continued to warm up - soon it was time to lineup for the relay. Abby went first and set a blazing lead with a 64 second split! As soon as I got the baton from her I took off - I could hear the sprinting coach telling me to increase the lead immediately. I sprinted towards the tunnel and heard my dad yell "run with your heart!" and then heard loud whistling. I could hear the other teams second leg girl behind me but I concentrated on moving my arms and staying on my toes. I came out of the stupid tunnel and finished my first lap - I saw the head coach ahead of me and zoned in on him listening to what he had to say - he wanted me to kick in and move my arms more; to not let down or something like that. I continued on back towards the tunnel and I thought I saw B-rabbit standing with my dad but I just pushed on.

My arms were hurting and I knew I was slowing down and my form was off as I came out of the tunnel, but soon I came upon my teammate and handed her the baton. I found out later that my split was 68 seconds which I was proud of.

We ended up coming in second (of two teams) because the final leg girl ran a 59 second 400m! Which was insane but oh well we did well for the first time. I was happy to run a 68 after running the 800m. In better conditions (a better track like the one at my school) I am sure I would have run faster in both the 800m and relay. Every time I came upon the first tunnel curve I almost hit the wall because it was such a sharp turn!

After the relay was finished I saw that B-Rabbit had in fact seen me run the relay and I was so happy. I couldn't ask for anything more from him - He is so supportive of me and is always trying to help me get better! I really liked the fact that we both had meets at the same place but this only happens two more times for the rest of the season : (

I know some girls took pictures from the meet but I am not sure if I will get them at all. I did run in the under armour underwear and I will post my thoughts on those maybe tomorrow or later on next week. Also last night was the Athlete Formal - more on that later too!

Thanks for reading - I wanted to get all my thoughts out so I would remember exactly how I felt for this meet but everything went very fast - I think in a bigger meet with more teams it wont go as fast. Thank you also for all the support and encouraging words! They were really helpful and very thoughtful! I hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Marlene said...

Ohmigosh, I can only imagine how crazy it is to rush from one event to the next. Congratulations - you did awesome!

No Longer Using said...

someone told me indoor times tend to be slower than outdoor times, because of all the turning!!! but you had a GREAT 800 time!!! and then the 400 after that, whew. in my personal opinion, the 400 is the hardest race b/c it's just far enough that it hurts but short enough you have to sprint the whole thing. ...gahh!!! nice job :)

tfh said...

Great job! I can't believe how far you threw in shot put after very little practice, and that 400 time is FAST, FAST, FAST, esp. on a crappy indoor track with a tunnel and after running the 800-- congratulations!

Melanie said...

This was so fun to read... congrats on a great meet!

Anonymous said...

Well done. You were certainly busy during this meet. I am glad B-rabbit was there for you.

Nicole said...

Great job! You did awesome! :)

Unknown said...

That is one odd track. Great job on dealing with that.

X-Country2 said...

What a great way to document all the details. Sounds like a great experience!

The Laminator said...

Awesome Job. Great report too. I love how you were able to channel your pseudo-anger at B-Rabbit and pull out a great throw. Nice job!

Chic Runner said...

Congrats on such a great meet! :) You did so well and those splits are awesome and you are only beginning your season! Congrats!!! Glad you thought of B-runner and got angry! Ha ha.

Julianne said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. Your track meet sounds like it went well! Great job young lady! ;-)