Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday Recap

Yesterday at practice I got caught by my coach and made to go with the hurdle group. Now I have not practiced hurdling since the summer and prior to that I hadn't hurdled since high school! I was a little nervous at first since my form is rusty.

We warmed up and then practiced with our lead leg and trail leg individually. I was getting very discouraged because I wasn't able to do these exercises the right way. I haven't felt this upset in a while and I wanted to quit and just join back up with the sprinters but that was definitely not an option. Eventually I began to get my form right and stopped studder stepping up to the hurdles - the only problem now is that my right arm sticks out when I go over the hurdle instead of staying close to my body. Overall it was a good first day for me and I am hoping to get into my head coaches office today to discuss my actual events and training.

My second class got canceled this morning so I am just bumming around - I am still slightly sore from lifting but thankfully we have today off from the weights. B-rabbit had his first swimming practice yesterday since his surgery and it went well. They have a meet this weekend so the practices are lighter which works out great so that he wont push himself too hard.

It seems like all distance running has evaporated from my workouts but I plan to hit the gym hard this Saturday morning for a nice long run on the treadmill. I plan to bring my big, clunky 60 GB ipod (this will be interesting for sure) and settle into a nice 8:15 minute/mile pace for at least an hour! Then I will go and watch B-Rabbit swim some of his races before hitting up the mall to finish all my Christmas shopping! Yes I have homework to do but senioritis has hit me hard and I plan on saving things to the last minute!!

My mom emailed me today - the doctor called back with my second of three blood tests. Apparently I have a very low count for B vitamin and so I have to start to take a B-complex vitamin. I haven't been feeling as tired since I stopped working before Christmas but I still have one more blood test coming back about my Vitamin D levels.

OK I am out! Happy Running!


Felice Devine said...

A good friend of mine has to get a B12 shot once a month and since she's been getting it, she's felt much better. She had been tired for months and it was due to the b12 deficiency. I hope the b complex works for you!

Aron said...

i have heard lots of people being tired due to low b vitamins... hope that helps!!

AHHH hurtles... those scare me!

Marlene said...

Hurdles?! Wow, that is awesome. Way to stick with it when giving up would have been easier.

Must be nice to have some answers about your blood tests - knowing what's wrong is the first step in getting better!

X-Country2 said...

Hurdles are such a recipe for a broken neck with me! Impressive for sure.

Nicole said...

I'm very very tired, maybe i should just starting taking b vitamins! :)

Hurtles scare the crap out of me and i'm super clumsy and would probably fall smack dead on my face! HAHA

Marci said...

My dad has a low B12 level, apparently its common! I hope your vitamins help!

Julianne said...

Oh thank goodness it's only lack of the B vitamin. Girl, go get some vitamins! Oh wait, actually... email me. I can MAIL you some free One-A-Day multi vitamins. I have a stack of them in my office. I *do* work for Bayer. Let me know! jschai at gmail dot com


Oz Runner said...

just found your blog, thought I'd say hello....enjoyed reading some of your do you run for a school or a track club?

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Finish Christmas shopping?! I'm jealous. Ugh.