Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer RunMute

During my spring marathon training, I needed to fit in a lot of miles on a Thursday so I decide to run to work.  Since then, I have been trying to find a time to fit this in again.

My half marathon plan for this week was a little flexible and I didn't really feel like doing another speed workout so I decided to run to work.

Since this was my second time, I was much better prepared than last time...

I brought my shower items and work clothes with me to work on Wednesday.
I left my purse at work and only brought home things I wanted to carry on the run.

This morning I was up early to get myself ready.  I usually don't eat before morning runs and although my average morning run is 4-6 miles, I decided to try this run without eating partially because I saw the RW article and my running buddy never eats before runs less than 13 miles.

I packed up my nathan hydration pack (my review of pack) with keys, ID, credit card, Gu chomps (just in case), water, and my phone and headed out at 5am.

Mostly awake
 It was dark out! I always am surprised that the mornings get so dark in August but this morning was not so bad since there was a full moon. Running when it is dark can be scary but I am pretty used to it now because I have run all my routes in the daylight and I tend to stick to neighborhoods as much as possible.  If I ever feel uncomfortable going down a dark street or I have a gut feeling that something isn't right, I switch my route up. 
Full Moon!
 As I began my run, my legs felt pretty heavy and dead.  Everything felt great except my legs.  A part of me could not help but thinking "Oh man I still have so many miles to go".  To block out those negative thoughts, I kept telling myself that it would get better in the next mile or when I got over this hill.

It didn't really get much better, but the sun was slowly rising as I pounded out more and more miles and before I knew it I was about half way to work.  There were some pretty sights to see while I ran but I cannot take good/non blurry pictures on my phone while running.

The last few miles were definitely more difficult because it was humid and I was thirsty.  I didn't want to stop to take out my water (wasn't using the bladder in the pack) because I needed to get to work. After 13 miles I rolled into work just before 7am and of course I saw one of my co-workers.  He was slightly impressed that I had run to work and also grossed out a bit because I was soaking in sweat.

Super sweaty shorts!
A quick shower (yay for work showers!) and I was at my desk ready to work.  Sort of.  I grabbed a nice breakfast and a large coffee from the cafeteria and inhaled it.  I was starving!  One of the best tasting breakfasts in a while possibly because I was just so hungry from the run.

Yummy Bacon, egg and cheese on an english muffin with Iced coffee!
I am thankful that running to work is an option for me but it sure was a humid run.  And it definitely was not the easiest run - and once again I blame the Olympics because my sleep has been horrible this week :)

A weekday long run is pretty fun even if it isn't a run to work.  I strongly suggest trying it.  Kind of makes you feel pretty awesome for the rest of the day because you cranked out a ton of miles before most people are up!

Hope you all are having a good week! Happy Thursday!


Marlene said...

I've been itching to run to work lately, but I can't run that far yet! Ha!

Nice job getting it done. Sounds like a tough one. Somehow, having a destination makes tough runs easier for me. But I have no clue how you did not on no water or food!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Whew! That is quite the run before work. Yes, shower definitely needed after 13 miles. We don't have work showers, but I could probably get by with running my commute and no shower. I like the purple shorts too!

Kim said...

I totally love morning long runs before work! I feel so much better during the day!

Do you think you will do the no-eating thing again? I get pretty hungry if I run further than 8, so I usually eat if I am going farther than that.

I think the Hansen (sp?) method follows that plan of running on an empty tank. They also only have a long run of 16 (for a marathon) and have you do two longish runs back to back to become better at running on tired legs.

Why do you think your legs felt so heavy today?

Suz and Allan said...

Wow, I'm really impressed you ran 13 miles to work. You deserved that yummy breakfast after that run!

Nicole Orriëns said...

I think that is soo smart! I do the school run running. I love combining different tasks. It saves so much time.

And how handy there are showers at your office.

Rena said...

I can't run to work since it's in the ghetto. Seriously, everyone tells me that after dark, I should not make a full stop no matter if there's a red light or a stop sign.

I can't believe you fit in 13 miles before work. I barely fit 3 miles before work. I think I should wake up earlier. But so . . . difficult . . .

Anonymous said...

Great running, you go girl! I never eat before a run, not even before my long run. My stomach doesn't handle food well. But man, once I'm done I can't have enough food :-)

Anonymous said...

This is truly impressive! I cannot even imagine trying to do this before a work day. Way to go!! So if you run to work, do you then have to run back home later? LOL..just curious!!