Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Last night I went Swimming! For the first time in like 3 months! The first few laps i thought i was going to drown - it was like i forgot how to swim/breath in the water. I went with B-Rabbit and of course he had to show off and be all fast and stuff so that every time he passed me, I almost drowned from the large wake he left.

Overall it was a good swim - 750 yards total. My usual routine (since I am definatly a land sports person not a fish) is to do backstroke without the stroke just kicking down (25 yards) then turn around and do freestyle back. I just try to go for as long as I can and surprisingly my swimming abilities came back pretty quick! Plus all the exercise made me sleep pretty soundly so I feel rested and refreshed today.

I took this morning off from running, I'm going swimming again tonight, then hopefully thursday morning will be a nice run. At least i remembered my water bottle today at work so i can properly hydrate myself instead of going to the drinking fountain every 30 minutes with a little dixie cup which holds like 1 ounce of water!!!

1 comment:

B-rabbit said...

First off I was not swimming that fast and you know it! Second, you WANTED to swim in the same lane, I gave you an option to swim in a different one. So don't you be blaming your drowning on me ;)