Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Madness

It has been a fun evening of laughter and procrastination as B-Rabbit has been putting off his homework and I have been unable to get a simple electronic devices to work!

It was back to practice (and classes) for me today. I was very excited to see my team again and I really did miss the workouts with them! We did a pretty simple workout but I felt strong and not at all tired afterward. I was grumpy though because I feel like the freshman just don't push themselves enough. They just wimp out when it gets hard or they get tired! I know that as Captain I should be encouraging and outgoing towards then and try to include them but I just get upset and frustrated by them and their poor listening skills as well as lack of motivation!

Todays workout:
1000 meter warm up
3x55m - skips, high knees, and fast knees
300m sprint - 100m @ 90%, 100m gliding, 100m @ 90%
rest 10 minutes
150m @ 80%
rest 30 seconds
then 5x 30m sprints with 30 seconds rest
800m cooldown

The workout went by really fast and we were soon in the weight room lifting all the heavy weights and making a scene like usual!! Thats all for me - It is time for bed!!


Unknown said...

Lead by example hon! Keep your head up and just show them that with work, you get success! Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

Tell the freshman straigh up how it is and how they need to push a little harder, but encourage them too. Sometimes in sports you need things pointed out.

Marcy said...

Ahhhhh "kids" I totally understand the frustration HAHA

Marlene said...

What I want to know is how you keep track of what you are supposed to do during a workout like that! I have a hard enough time remembering a few simple intervals.

I hope those freshmen of yours start trying a little harder... whip 'em into shape!

Nicole said...

Be honest, maybe they need encouragement! :) I know i did!

No Longer Using said...

yes, i love the captain spirit!!! :) hmm simple electronic devices?! the bane of my existence! hahaha.

Aron said...

awesome job on another amazing workout :) and i definitely agree about the lead by example... sometimes its hard but showing them and encouraging them will set them straight.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice workout!! I gotta try that!

X-Country2 said...

The post-workout weight room was my favorite. Not for the lifting but for the baseball team. :o)

N.D. said...

Lead by example and make them feel guilty. I can't stand wimpers.