Thursday, January 22, 2009

TIART: Half Marathons

Just a little note here - I don't beleive I have ever mentioned this before but I am a sarcastic person. I guess it can be hard to tell that from writing but if you knew me (in person) then you would see that sass and sarcasm are as much a part of my life as eating and breathing (and running).

Anyway, moving on, it is once again time for TIART and this weeks theme from Runners Lounge is How to Run your Best Half Marathon in 2009.

Now I haven't done a long run, much less any running beyond 4 miles (in intervals) in about 4 weeks if not longer. Track has taken over my life - I read your blogs and this is what I see:

"I went for a nice 8 miler today, it was lovely - I just breezed along."

Wow 8 miles - just thinking about it makes me weak in the knees! Have I really turned into a sprinter? I used to run long miles and think nothing of it!! Did I really run a half marathon last September???

I have become a wimp without even realizing it! And so I am ashamed at what I have become. What advice could I give about running halfs?? I should be asking all of you for advice!! So I hope you will take the time today and post your own ideas on how to run your best HM! I look forward to reading them while I live vicariously through all of your long runs!

I can't believe it is almost the weekend! This week just flew by! Happy Thursday!

**Although rest would be ideal (Thanks for all your concerns) I really can't take extra days off. Hopefully in two weeks I will get a rest weekend. Meanwhile - my new best friend is the cold tub!! There is the slight possiblity that my pain is all in my head! I forgot to mention that yesterday I did 20 minutes on the bike instead of 20 minutes of running.

** Also thank you to everyone for the great book recommendations! Currenlty I am multitasking and looking up books from the library. Even though I got gift cards to book stores for Christmas, I am having a hard time spending the money on books when the library is free!


tfh said...

Now I am just trying to figure out whether you're being sarcastic when you say you're a sarcastic person... ;)

You're a great sprinter, and with all this speed training under your belt you have the foundation to run a really fast half, once you have the time again to develop your endurance!

No Longer Using said...

hehehe... it's great you can be a sprinter and a distance runner, depending on how you are training! enjoy your sprinter self you have the rest of your life to run the distances :) you'll def appreciate this theory (older= longer is better) when reading WHAT I TALK ABOUT WHEN I TALK ABOUT RUNNING by haruki murakami. the book was just ok overall, but def a great point of view and fun read.

Nicole said...

i can be sarcastic sometimes too... :) its all good sista

i love that your so versatile and can do distance and sprints. in h.s. i would go from the 100m dash to the 1 or 2 mile run... people thought i was nuts but i'm ok with that :)

Unknown said...

I like to think that I can be decent at sprinting and long distance. However I think I'm more of a middle of the pack at both.

Marlene said...

I can only imagine how difficult it is to train for sprints and maintain endurance. But you're still become incredibly strong and fit, and that will definitely pay off when you're ready to tackle the long distances again.

Keep soaking!

Felice Devine said...

No advice from me! I do love the library, though. Keep on raising the circulation #s!