Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Positive Wednesday!

IT IS COLD OUT!!!! VERY COLD!!! LIKE 10 DEGREES COLD! I know that isn't very cold for some of you but for me its getting preeeettty cold!

and of course I went in the cold tub after practice! My foot feels much better today - thanks for all the comments about it! I feel like it is just an overuse thing and so todays workout wasn't as long or hard which will hopefully keep my foot feeling fresh!!

I hurdled again! (I know some of you say you would never be able to do it BUT I bet you could if you put your mind to it!!) and then did 2 miles slow on the track then lifted weights!

I maxed out on bench press again and increased by 10 pounds since last time I tried. So now my max is 1o5 pounds!! I can definitely see the difference that lifting weights is making in my running!! If you aren't lifting weights I would consider starting, and if you already lift - think about maxing out on bench press just so you can see how much you are improving!

New Years Resolution UPDATE!
I have started and continued with my gratitude journal. I try to write in it every night before bed but I am human and sometimes I forget but I usually think about something I am grateful for everyday! I think it has really helped with the whole positive thinking!!

Thats it for me! Time for dinner then I am cracking down and finishing my work! Its due tomorrow so I really got to get it done!!


Marcy said...

LOL I was just whining to my husband about the temps. It's supposed to get even colder (at least here) as the week goes on. WTF?!? Single digit temps stink. Boo!

Nicole said...

Um its freezing in Michigan right now. Its like -15 out. and its ONLY gonna get colder as the night goes on. I have never been so cold in my life. AHHHHHHHHHHH

No Longer Using said...

that's so great to hear about the gratitude journal really making a difference!! yeahh it is 12 degrees here BLEHHHH soooo coold! :) i am so excited to finally have a full body lifting routine again (thanks to the abs diet!!! i did it for the first time last night and really enjoyed it, took me back to regular lifting wayyyyy too long ago).

Marlene said...

Glad to hear the foot seems to be doing better, and great job on the workout! 105 lbs! Amazing!

Brian said...

I definitly see improvements on my running since i started lifting weights, keeps ya strong to keep on keepin on! Hey babay its cold outside!

The Laminator said...

Good job with the weights.
And's brrrrr cold outside!