Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is procrastination

Do Homework....OR....Check/post on blog!

I willingly went to the hurdle workout today! And had much success!!

My sprinting coach (also the hurdle coach) was there watching me struggle through the beginning exercises and then my head coach came over to watch as well. I started to get nervous! Suddenly everything just clicked and I found my rhythm as I scaled the hurdles with ease! And my coaches response - they clapped, they cheered and then they pulled me aside and said "Great job J, You are such a quick learner!!"

Well at least I can do something right!

I missed the workout with Abby and Alison though (although they were relieved not to run with me because apparently I push them too hard and make them run fast....) They did 3x 400m @ 60% with 2 laps recovery jog, then 3x 200m @60% with 1 lap recovery jog.

Luckily the sprinter coach noticed that I wanted to run, so he gave me a modified workout to complete. I ran with Jill (another hurdler/sprinter who has been out with a quad injury and is now back to running) and we did 3x 400m @ 60%. Splits were 98, 90 (opps too fast!), 97 - with one lap recovery walk.

I know that these workouts may seem long with a lot of specifics but we have a coach there, and the workouts are all printed out for us to follow. PLUS we have been doing similar stuff since the beginning of October and are used to switching between things. BUT let me tell you, these practices are no where near as exhausting as my basketball practices used to be! Don't get me wrong, my muscles are tired a little after the workout and lifting but its just not the same.

Overall it was another fun day at practice! And now its time for homework : (
Good Night!


Nicole said...

I Love procrastinating! I'm so glad blogging is now something i can do instead of homework! Great job with the hurdles! I was never coordinated to do that. My friend J did hurdles in High school. She was pretty good. But when she fell, it was a ROUGH fall. Great job with the running workouts too, your speedy!

Anonymous said...

Great job. You are really catching on and doing well with all the track events. Hope you got your homework done.

Joe said...

Ah procrastination, my best friend and also my mortal enemy...We met in college and have been together ever since.


Marlene said...

For me, it's 'do some work... or check for blog updates'.

Awesome job on the hurdles! I am always amazed at how people run and jump smoothly over those things.

Marcy said...

I always wanted to hurdler. Too scared to try though LMAO! I always envisioned me flat on my face after attempting to jump over one HAHA

Amy said...

Hurdling seems sooooo cool. But I know my short legs and lack of grace would put me in the ER or something.... oh well. Great job!!

X-Country2 said...

Having an excuse to procrastinate is like, the main reason I started a blog. :o)

Nice work on the hurdles. No way I'm coordinated enough for those.

N.D. said...

hope you got to that homework in the end!