Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am very tired.

My legs hurt at practice.

Left ankle => still feeling pain, not bad but its just there.

I fell on the ice Monday before practice and now I have a nice cut on my knee as well as a big bruise. And my knee started hurting tonight while lifting! This is just freaking great.

Reasons I feel this way:
1. I didn't drink enough water today or yesterday
2. My body needs a little rest

Today I did hurdles again - we have another meet this Saturday. My events will be = 55m hurdles, high jump, shot put and 4x400m relay. I just felt tired today - I am hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Yesterdays practice =
1200m warm up
2x450m paced with last 50m all out - rest 10 minutes after each
300m at 80% pace rest 30 seconds after then
5x 40m repeats with 30 seconds rest in between
cool down 400m

Tuesdays workout + Mondays workout = probably why I am tired

I just hope that there is nothing wrong with my ankle. The pain hasn't gotten worse but it isn't totally disappearing either. I don't want to go to the trainer because I don't want to get pulled from competition but I also don't want to do serious damage. : (

**Times from practice - First 450m = 84 seconds, Second 450m = 87 seconds, 300m = 55 seconds.


N.D. said...

Hey take a break so things don't get worse!!! Sounds like you need it !!

Felice Devine said...

It definitely sounds like your body needs some rest! Take it!

Nicole said...

Give your body rest girl! Two weeks of rest could keep bad things from happening. Consider two weeks of rest or the rest of the season from competing?

Jocelyn said...

Ice your ankle like whoa!

Frayed Laces said...

yikes! listen to your body girlfriend!

Julianne said...

Sorry you fell! Ouch..
Give those sexxxxy legs a rest, ok?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Take it easy and ice that ankle. Don't push yourself, listen to your body.

Marlene said...

Aw, I hope you can give yourself a little break before the meet. And here's hoping your ankle starts to improve. RICE!

Amy said...

Yikes a fall! That sucks... hopefully you'll get some rest and be feeling tip top for your meet this weekend!

Marcy said...

YIKES!! Rest up my dear. Sounds like you're in desperate need of it.

No Longer Using said...

oooh it's def better to know what's wrong! you should go see the trainer! and ice ice ice...