Thursday, January 8, 2009

TIART: Do's and Don'ts

As per Runners Lounge's weekly TIART here is my simple do's and don'ts for running/training plans:

Let me say this first - I have not run a marathon and have only run one tiny half marathon so I have made a modification and this is the college students guide to running:

- forget your running shoes for event/meet/race, etc and then run back to your dorm to get them and almost miss the bus to said event/meet/race!
- pull an all nighter before heading home (to the east coast) from an event/meet/race on the west coast!
- fall off the treadmill and hit your head and get knocked unconscious!

- listen to your body, it usually knows whats up
- sign up for as many events as you can for a track meet
- always have a positive attitude even if you know in 60 seconds you will be in more pain than words can describe!
- pack extra sets of underwear on all trips!

(Above experiences may or may not have happened to this blogger!)

Today's practice was fun but easy; I hit the Cold tub/Ice bath afterward and my legs feel pretty good! I felt bad for the distance girls (I am in the sprinter girls group), they had to do 8-10x 400m sprints with 90 seconds rest! Insane but still I would really like to do that workout cause I am glutton for punishment!

Did I mention that....I am VERY excited for the meet this weekend!!

55 meter hurdles
Long Jump
Shot Put
4x400m relay

I think that's about it! I always think of good stuff to post about during practice/running but them once I get home I forget!


Nicole said...

I like your DONT forget the shoes.
I have a funny story. How bout not forget your shorts? One of the boys on my track team in high school was standing in sweats waiting to run the 4x4 relay. He was getting ready to head to his corner. I believe he was the 3rd leg. Thats beside the point. Anyways, he took his pants off and didnt have his shorts on. Only boxers. At this point? What the hell do you do? So hes darting across the football field in his boxers and singlet. FUNNIEST THING EVER. And made one of the other boys take their sweats/shorts off so he could run the relay. I will never forget the 'OH SHIT' look on his face when he realized he was shorts-less HAHAHAHA! I hope that made you laugh! :)

Julianne said...

LOL! Don't forget the shoes?!?! That's a very important one to live by. Oh and having extra set of underwear is also VERY important. :-)

Amy said...

Lol. nice. I wont ask which ones you have and haven't done or not done ;)

Good luck this weekend!

Marlene said...

Good luck at the meet this weekend!

No Longer Using said...

hmmmmm!!! i am really hoping you didn't actually get knocked unconscious! those treadmills are dangerous things! one time at school i was carrying an old school CD Player (yep yep yep i know) and DROPPED it onto the belt, so of course i turn around and watch it ride off the back, and... then i ride off the back, too DUH who looks back on a treadmill while it's still going,...ahhh! i was so lucky not to be hurt :) just pride wounded. :) i landed on my butt and rolled over and over! haha.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! An extra pair of undies are necessary for everyone HHAHAA

Aron said...

good luck this weekend!!! love your dos and donts :)

Felice Devine said...

GOOD LUCK this weekend!

My word verification is USEME. Huh?

X-Country2 said...

Love your dos and don'ts. Words to live by!

Good luck this weekend.

tfh said...

Have fun this weekend! It's so cool that you're so excited for it (and not burned out or anything)-- I know you'll channel all your energy into rocking your events!

The Laminator said...

Best of luck this weekend. For someone who's never run a marathon, you are quite knowledgeable.

Frayed Laces said...

Ha sometimes I feel like I need to record myself when I run because I always have these great ideas yet forget them by the time I get home!

Julianne said...

Hey, did you do something different here?? :-) Love the look!

Btw, just saw your comment over that Marcy's blog. I would loooove to run with you, too! ALthough, you're like wayyy faster than me!

Unknown said...

Good luck on your meet.

Lol on the Don'ts!

N.D. said...

Great tips : ) And probably stories that go along with them. Haha.