Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food Obsession!

This morning my mom scared me half to death. I came out of my room (bed hair everywhere) and she was sitting on the bottom steps of the stairs just waiting for me. Of course i couldnt see cause i didnt have contacts in but still it made me jump. Apparently she could not sleep so she got up and waited for me to leave for my run and she took the dog for a walk.

It had rained that night - I of course woke up at 11:30 and thought it was 5am and was like "oh yay its thundering, i can sleep in!" but then a quick look at the clock told me it was not time to get up yet. Since i am going to bed when its dark and waking up before the sun rises, I often get confused about what time it is.

Last night i made salad for dinner with chicken, tomatos, peppers, blackberries, onions, broccoli and lettuce of course. It was quite good and I seem to be on a recipe/cooking streak as I have been collecting new recipes to use when i get back to school and start cooking and buying food on my own.

Since I am on the subject of food - I went to a pig roast on saturday (my first one!) and they had raw and cooked clams. Now I LOVE clams...like love love love them! I hadn't had them in forever so i took this chance to have about 2 dozen!! I also had to bring a dish to pass and so that has added to my cooking abilities as I made a family classic - Jello mixed with whipped cream and fruit!

Two other minor notes - I watched the movie The Bucket List a few weeks ago and have decided to make a bucket list of sorts for myself. Its more of a life list, things that i want to do before 25, 30 and beyond. Sometimes i think that after i am dead all people will find are lists of things i want to do or need to do!! Also my company is having a blood drive tomorrow and I was thinking about giving blood. I have never done it before because in high school i always had sports and in college i had basketball. I'm not sure if i should do it though...?? I don't want to faint.

Haha i almost forgot - My running this morning - It went well, i ran slow because of the knee. I should name my knees...maybe later when i have more time! I have found that cars often give me temporary blindness due to their bright lights while running in the dark. I wont get into how much i hate other peoples driving.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have my list you made at perkins? I'd be curious to see if I've accomplished anything... :)

Anonymous said...

name your knees :)

my bullmastiff has had 2 acl repairs and we call him GOLDEN KNEES.

does that count?