Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running Schedule

Well things are coming along here. My knees hurt yesterday and this morning slightly; I just was not motivated during my run today. I think the lack of sleep was the culprit for my pain and they haven't hurt today at work so I will just have to see. I missed my run with Winkly on Sunday due to changes in my plans but it was worth it and I'm glad i took the extra day off. Hopefully we will be able to meet up this week and run.

I am hoping to take tomorrow off from running then do some sort of workouts on Thursday and Friday. I feel like i should start doing some track workouts - which means i need to put in some thought about this. The local track was under construction at the beginning of June and I am not sure if it is available now. If it isn't that kind of puts a damper on my morning track workout idea. I have some basic ideas from what we used to do in basketball like 4-400s and 2-800s or intervals (sprint straightaways, jog curves) but i also found some other intense workouts which I might try. I love the feeling after finishing a run, but also i love how i feel after finishing an intense track workout.

The wedding this past weekend was amazing - the rain held off which made outdoor pictures possible : ) Overall everything went really well and I had a great time!

33 days until the Half Marathon!

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