Friday, August 22, 2008

Running Scared

I can't believe that only one more week before it is September, I can feel the difference in the air and it has made running easier. Sweating less, breathing easier, enjoying the cool temperatures. The past few mornings the moon has been super bright. It is kind of erie though, the white lights makes shadows everywhere and I am always on the lookout that sometimes I freak myself out. I mean serioulsy would there be people hiding in the bushes at 5am in the morning?? Probably not.

I ran from home to the grocery store this morning and then got picked up. I really like these type of runs because I know that I wont have to "run up this hill" on the way back. This running route has to be one of my favorites because although it has two hard uphills, it has three wonderful downhills! This week I have been taking it slow as my legs have been tight. Not this morning though - I didnt intentionally go fast but after logging my time in I saw that I was going super fast!! It felt really good though because I pushed myself. I still can't beleive i ran over 4 miles at about a 7 min/mile pace! Thats crazy...but its good, now with interval work ill be ready for the 800m come track season.

I am sore this morning (in my arms and shoulders) and I think its from the mile time trial and sprints. I am taking tomorrow off and then will go for a long run (hopefully with Winkly) on sunday. Things have been crazy lately - I am trying to finish my scrapbook of pictures from the pervious year and this summer but there are alot of pictures and it gets overwhelming. Everybody likes a nice picture - I found this one this morning. Interesting concept in the caption. Lately, through all the blogs I have been reading and my books I have been thinking alot about running and life, etc. Maybe its because this is a transistional time of year for me. The start of a new school year is always a time for a fresh start even if you are not going back to school.

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