Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Golf Course Run

I feel that my morning running may soon be coming to an end. It is getting colder and colder out in the mornings and as I prefer it over hot and humid the cold does seep into my knees. I felt like a "fun run" was necessary this morning. We used to have fun runs during soccer practice in high school. We would run all around the grounds of the school and go to the "secret place" way back in the woods. It actually was a very cool place; right past the old pine tree was a clearing with just a single stand alone tree. Anyway, of course now stupid developers have bought the land and mowed down all the trees so secret place is no more : (

This morning i started off slow and ran over to the golf course. I decided it would be fun to run the golf cart trails as I had never been on them and it was 5:20 and no one would be playing golf. First trail - dead end, second trail - dead end, third trail - dead end. It was still fun but its hard to run on a golf course in the dark so i was trying to stay on the trails. I finally found a trail that was longer, it seemed like it was in the middle of the course. So i ran on that for a while and it actually twisted and turned and went over a very nice little bridge. I ended up by the club house which was about 2 miles away from my house. I ran across two more holes then finally got back on to the path and then headed back to the road. These paths go right by peoples houses, so I was running along and I could actually see inside the houses. I could tell who was awake and getting ready for work and who was still dead alseep. It was actually weird because i felt like a stalker.

I finally made it home - my watch accidentally got turned off so I just went by my watch time and it was about a 56 minute run. I didn't want it to be that long but thats what happens when you get lost in the golf course and the sun isn't up yet, and there is no moon! The sunrise was beauitful this morning thought and it was amazing to see. Running in the morning like this always helps me to appreciate nature and the simple beauty. After using wondering Gmaps-pedometer I have found that my run was 4.98 miles (give or take a few).

Side note: I finished the Ultra-marathon Man book - It was really good, some parts were incredible and some parts I was like "gross!" He makes it sound all so easy, even though it obviously was extremely painful at points. I wonder though, if he has had any injuries from running so much. It doesn't seem like he takes days off, or gives his body time to rest?


Anonymous said...

I've wondered the SAME thing about Dean. I mean, I have to think he doesn't deal too much with injury if he can keep going like that... but what I wonder is HOW?

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Ooh, I really enjoyed that book as well. He is crazy.