Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reverse Psychology

You know when you are excited about something so you wake up early in the morning? Well i woke up this morning at 5am wide awake! I know I am excited about this wedding tomorrow especially since i got a pedicure AND a manicure yesterday! It looks really good and i am very happy. I love getting pedicures every once in a while as a treat and a thank you to my feet for all the running they have let me do. I didn't get out of bed until 5:20 though because i was debating about whether to go running or not. I didn't want to mess up the nail polish but from past experience i knew that my little tosies would be fine.

I ended up just doing a small little 3 mile jog thing. The sky was red when i was heading home (red in the morning, sailors take warning) so hopefully today wont be too bad weather wise. My knees haven't been hurting me lately but today they did. I think they don't like going slow because when i go fast they feel ok. Its really weird - i know i need to start that cross-training asap. I did consider jumping on the bike in the basement this morning. I've got another long run planned with Winkly for this Sunday - her training plan calls for 7 miles which should be fun (and i wont be as tired as i was after the 9 mile run).

Happy Thursday : )

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