Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Run

This morning I woke up at 5am and dragged myself out of bed once again. My mind said to go back to sleep but I am trying to stick with my scheduled runs. For the first time in a while the sky was clear and not cloudy and I could see the stars. I am still pretty tired and once again 17 minutes into the run my lower abdomin started to feel queezy. I am ready to head back to school because there will be new places to run. I have been finding that I need to change my runs often and find new places (like trails and paths and sidewalks) to run so that i stay motivated. Its a little different feeling this summer - I don't feel the urgency I felt last year. I know that I am running because I want to as well as for track. Its hard to have the same mindset that this is my senior season of track when I haven't been competing it in for 4 years. i have looked at my class schedule and it looks like I wont have to take on a tough load during winter and spring! I am hoping to be able to enjoy and relax during Spring so that I can put in the training time to track and reach my full potientail.

I weighed myself for the first time in a few weeks last night and again this morning. It looks like I have lost a few pounds (not that I have been trying) but i have lost most of my muscle mass from basketball and have leaned down considerably. I know that since i will be competing in Shot Put i need to get back on the weights. I think i will be able to keep a 7 days cycle of running/lifting etc but not running all 7 days. As long as I keep a good balance I hope that i will stay injury free for the two track seasons.

Game plan for fall training -
Cross-training 2x a week (mostly swimming, but may include biking)
Weight lifting 2-3x a week (depends on what coach says)
Interval training

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