Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Out and Back before the Sun was Up

Last night I stretched instead of reading my book - I know i have to make some sacrifices so I dont kill myself and get injured. My legs are feeling good today. I did a decent 3 mile jaunt in 22:52 all in total darkness. I walked out the door this morning and just stared at the sky. I have never seen it so beautiful at my house. Usually due to the lights from the city, they dim out the stars and moon but not this morning. The sky was rich navy blue with bright shining stars and a vibrant cresent moon. It was so clear and cold (brrrrr); I could see the shaded part of the moon. The sun rises so late now that I went out and came back in pretty much complete darkness (except for the occassional car + headlights). I couldn't find the big dipper this morning but I have been regularly seeing Orions belt I think. Something i really liked this morning was when cars would drive up behind me with their high beams on, I could see the shadow of me running. It was interesting, I wish I had a camera that could take a picture and actually capture the image.

About two and a half years ago my mom went to Borders and they were giving out free books and so she picked up Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazas. I really didnt know who he was back then but it seemed like a good book. Now that I know more about Dean through reading other peoples blogs I decided to start reading this book and then hopefully move onto his new book. Im about 100 pages in and it is really good. I really like memoirs because they are very personal and real yet also a story. Anyway time to get work done!

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