Sunday, April 24, 2011

Half Marathon - Week 11

**For those who guessed - The after run picture was Picture A or the one that I am smiling in!  You guys are good - most of you guessed correctly!**

Monday - Off

Tuesday - Tempo
7.3 miles/57:51/7:56 pace

The last real tough workout before the half marathon.

1x3mi at Tempo - 7:27 pace
1x2mi at Tempo - 7:23 pace

We had a bit of rain during the run and it was windy and cold.  Definitely didn't feel like spring but I ran with the running group which helped this run go by quick.  I really thought I had put away my winter running clothes for good, but apparently not.  My best deer caught in headlights look -


Wednesday - Easy Lunch Run
3.2 miles/28:40/8:55 pace

Despite a few sprinkles I headed out for a run at lunch.  After a quick jaunt around the block, I snuck back into work and changed back into my work clothes without anyone being any wiser of my run!

Thursday - Windy Tempo
7.6 miles/1:04:07/8:27 pace

This was a horrible run.  I had to run at 5am because I had plans after work, so at 5am I headed out for an easy warm up and then some miles at half marathon pace.  As I turned the corner to start my HMP run I was smacked with the wind that didn't stop until I got back home.  It was frustrating to be running an extremely hilly route that also was windy.  Check out this fun elevation profile from my run -

Friday - Off

Best part of the day was waking up to a beautiful sunrise.

Saturday - Longish Run  Easy
3.3 miles/30:00/9:05 pace

I woke up to pouring sideways rain and so I quickly changed plans and headed to the gym, for the second Saturday in a row.  This workout was originally planned for Sunday morning, but I did a switcharoo and ran it today and moved my longer run to Sunday when the weather would be better!

Sunday - 30 mins Easy Long Run
7.45 miles/1:00:04/8:04 pace

I was up at sunrise and headed out on the road for this run.  The plan was to run to Easter breakfast with my family.  I did a short 2 mile warm up and then did 20 mins at tempo pace (7:24 pace) and then ran the rest of the way easy.  It was a great reward to sit down and have a nice cup of hot coffee and breakfast after a quiet morning longish run.

Total week 11 mileage: 28.9 mi


Anonymous said...

yikes to that profile! serious hills there.

i love waking up to the sunrise. normally i'm only up during that for runs though. cool that you got to see it as you were actually waking up, not stumbling on the roads!

Christine said...

Great idea to run to the breakfast! :) You are almost there, 1 more week to the half marathon! :)

Marlene said...

I LOVE the run to breakfast. Perfect!!

Congrats on another strong week. Countdown is on!!!

Amy said...

Running to breakfast is GENIUS! Great week. You are READY!

Kim said...

Ugh. Boo to that windy and hilly run! I have had a lot of windy runs lately and they are so frustrating! But, great week as always! :)

Molly said...

yum, coffee and breakfast after a run, perfect!

Monika @ Monika's Miles said...

Holy hills!! I'm a new reader to your blog so I don't know your running style fully, but those hills + wind could throw some serious issues at any kind of runner. Great runs!

Bethany + Ryan said...

great job! Awesome paces!!! Thank you SO much for leaving me that note and the website about the hair! That was so thoughtful of you!!! I have another hair appt this Saturday. eek, wedding is 1 month from tomorrow! Thanks again!!!!