Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Talk: A big To Do List

Since the wedding is only 5 months away, I thought I would start to do an overview of what I had done so far because everything is starting to come together/get stressful!

As soon as I got engaged I searched the internet for help on what I should do next! Great, I got the ring, but now what?

I soon found the master of all "TO DO" lists!  It was a 12+ month list of things that needed to be done to have a successful, wonderful wedding - or at least that is what it promised!

Everything was laid out by due date, starting with the very first item to do - GET ORGANIZED!

It seemed like I was slowly crossing things off the list, little by little getting things done. Reception and ceremony site, photographer, DJ, florist, but there is still so much left to do!

Seems like I have all the big stuff done, and now all that remains are the little details!  Invitations, centerpieces, hair and make up, guest list, wedding cake, and so much more!
My wedding to do list from

See all those ticking alarm clocks?? Those are all the things I have yet to do and are overdue on my giant to do list!


Marlene said...

Oh I sure remember those days!! Exciting but overwhelming!!

Unknown said...

It will be worth it when the big day comes!

Unknown said...

I'm so using this when I start planning my wedding! Even though it's hard work you must be so excited :-)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Take it one step at a time.. Ask for help and ENJOY it.. You only get to do this once in your life.. It should be fun..


Amber said...

Oooh I haven't checked out that to do list on the knot yet, I will have to!

Now that we have the venue booked (the big stress for me) I'm kind of taking a step back from wedding planning for the next month or so, even though I know there is still A LOT to do. I'm a person who can get easily overwhelmed by small details so maybe that to-do list will help me keep it all in perspective!

ihaverun said...

152 days!! So exciting. You'll get it done and it will be amazing!

Chic Runner said...

Don't worry, lists are key! :) You will be totally fine and everything will come together perfectly <3

Molly said...

you'll get through it, enjoy it! After I planned mine I thought briefly of being a wedding planner : )

btw, just read your post about fuel on long runs, my friend and I were just talking about how we ran our first half marathon with just water! No gu, no sports drinks, nothing! I think of it as old school training, if it works, why not??

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

There is just so much that goes into planning a wedding! Not that I know personally, obviously... but I"ve been a bridesmaid 8 times, so I have seen all the hard work & preparation. It all does end up coming together in the end, though! Which is hard to believe when you've got this epically long to do list.

Can't wait for your big day! :)

Amy said...

I'm sure it will all come together. Just tackle one thing at a time, and when it gets stressful - go for a run!

Nicole said...

those big lists stress me out! i am just doing things as i think of them because i cant handle that overwhelming list! :)