Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Tribute to Men's Olympic Swimming

Question: Do men's bodies get any better than a swimmer's?

Answer: No!

Ok so now that i have wasted half an hour looking at pictures of swimmers maybe i should try to focus! I really have enjoyed watching the mens and womens swimming in the olympics. I dont know what it is but i love to watch swimming. Maybe its because i am not very good and i envy all those athletes because they make it look so easy!


B-rabbit said...

Sounds like you have a crush on a swimmer or something. I hope that he looks like Michael Phelps for you ;) All I know is that if you find a swimmer you need to hold on to him cause he will look that way for most of his life.

Anonymous said...

hmm i dunno, i think cyclists bodies are hotter ;)

J said...

you are biased jackie!!