Sunday, April 10, 2011

Half Marathon - Week 9

Monday - Recovery Off

Switched things up this week and took a day off Monday.  It felt weird not to work out today but I needed the rest after the race Sunday.  This is the FIRST Monday I have taken off in this training cycle!  It worked out well that I took this day off because it ended up raining ALL day!

Tuesday - Tempo
8 miles/1:03:26/7:55 pace

Two days after the 15k race I busted out this workout and was proud of it. 

Warm up 1.5 miles in 12:08
2x (2mi at HMP, 1mi at Tempo)
0.5 mile cool down in 4:52

First set - 2 miles at 8:02 pace, 16:03; 1 mi at 7:23, Total = 23:27
Second set - 2 miles at 7:55 pace, 15:49; 1 mi at 7:10, Total = 22:59

The 3 mile course I ran with the running group was windy and hilly and I was happy to see those paces.  We decided to run the HMP portion a bit slower and aim for 8:00 pace because most of us had just run the race on Saturday.

Wednesday - Easy
3miles/28:00/9:20 pace

Brian joined me for an easy run after work.  I took it really slow to allow my legs maximum recovery from Tuesday's workout and also to get ready for Thursday workout.

Thursday - Interval
7 miles/56:45/8:07 pace

1.8 mile warm up
4x1200m at tempo pace - 5:32 (7:24), 5:29 (7:23), 5:17 (7:08), 5:15 (7:04)
2.2 mile cool down

Ran this workout a bit too fast.  It was a nice day out and I think I just got carried away.  Tempo pace was supposed to be about 7:30s but I ran faster.  I ran this workout alone and I kind of wish I had gone to running club because it keeps me in check and makes me run the correct paces.

Friday - Off

Saturday - Long with half marathon pace
15.66 miles/2:11:22/8:23 pace

Respecting the Distance.  Longest run I have done in my entire life.  I was pretty nervous because the plan called for ~16 miles with last 4 at HMP.  Thanks to some great company I was able to success full complete this run!

Brian picked me up some candy as a treat for completing a great long run!  Swedish fish, sour patch kids and peach gummis! Yum!

Sunday - Recovery/Easy
3.34 miles/30:36/9:15 pace

I woke up with sore hips from yesterday's run and also the bottom of my feet were sore.  Not exactly sure why my feet were sore - I have been noticing when I wear my Brooks Ghost 3s on longer runs, my feet are sore the next day.  When I wear my Asics 2150s, my feet are ok.

Just an easy run on this warm day (55F!) and just enjoyed being outside without all the usual cold gear on.  Now it is time to enter taper!

Total week 9 mileage: 37 mi


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Nice work! Reading your training recaps makes me miss my full marathon training days. I never thought I would say that as I got a bit burned out last fall... Your mileage this week = my mileage when I was training for my marathon, that is awesome! You will rock this race!!

Christine said...

Perfect end of a great training cycle! Enjoy tapper :)

Badgergirl said...

Great training week!

Anonymous said...

i am so impressed every week with your training. great runs and workouts! i'm glad brian got your some sweetness for getting through that long run. totally deserved :)

Anonymous said...

Nice training and great long run, lady!

Beth said...

Awesome week. As for the shoes, the Ghosts have WAY less cushioning and no support. You might be better off just running in your 2160's all the time. Or try the DS Trainer. Its kind of a leighweight 2160 with slightly less stability, but great for fast workouts!

Marlene said...

I loved running in short sleeves today!

Awesome job this week, especially with a couple of workouts after the race last weekend. MMM CANDY! Points for Brian.

Nicole said...

I was actually sweating today on my run! Who woulda thunk it? lol! Great job on another week done! :) your gonna own this race!

Amy said...

Great week! You ran more miles than me and I'm training for a full marathon (I missed my Thursday run).

Kim said...

Wow! Awesome mileage this week! That is what happens when you have those new PDRs... your mileage shoots through the roof too!!!

And great job on that tempo right after a race. :)

I like running with the club for the same reason - to keep my pace in check. Also, to keep up with people when I need to run speedier! Ha ha :)

ihaverun said...

You are kicking some serious running booty! Congrats on agreat week. And you certainly deserve that bag o' candy!

Angie said...

Congrats on your longest run!!! What a great reward you got too! Yum! I love swedish fish and sour patch kids! So addicting!

Allison said...

Another great week! Congrats on your new distance PR!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the long run finish! Soon that will be just another run because you will dominate!!